World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 70 part 2

The corners of Hua Zhu Yu’s lips hooked up in a smile. She knew that Ji Feng Li didn’t dare to use his internal force to avoid her attack. Unless he was in a critical predicament, he wouldn’t disclose the fact that he knew marital arts, like that night when she had charged forward from the trees to attack him, forcing him to withdraw his fan to fight back. But in a clash beneath the gazes of thousands of eyes, would the Left Chancellor, who’s known to not even have the strength to truss a chicken, reveal he knew martial arts?

Within this ball, Hua Zhu Yu had embedded a bit of internal force so when it made contact with the handsome face of the number one gongzi, a purplish bruise immediately appeared.

Hua Zhu Yu looked on with a regretful gaze. Since the Emperor decreed that the use of internal force was prohibited, she could only employ a bit of it. Otherwise, Ji Feng Li’s face wouldn’t have suffered from just a simple bruise.

Witnessing Huangfu Wu Shuang laughing so merrily, the members of the opposing team were riled up.

In the next moment, the son of a noble family and an Imperial guard were seen in a brawl. The cuju match had quickly spiraled into a chaotic battle.

Resting in the dragon seat, the Emperor appeared somewhat weary but once he witnessed the scene that had unfolded, his long eyes narrowed as his interest was piqued.

“Your Majesty, should they be stopped?” Chang gong gong asked as he bowed.

With a seeming smile, the Emperor waved his hand and said, “No, let them fight.” After pondering for a moment, the Emperor then instructed, “Go announce the Cuju match will become a fighting match.”

Chang gong gong quickly went to pass on the decree. With such a great opportunity, who would let it pass? Everyone charged forward and an all-out brawl commenced.

Two men unexpectedly charged towards Hua Zhu Yu, trying to overwhelm her under their weight which sparked her anger because no matter what, she was still a female after all.

Hua Zhu Yu leapt backwards to dodge and quickly rushed towards Ji Feng Li.

Amongst the chaos on the field, most were the sons of noble families and Huangfu Wu Shuang’s guards that were fighting it out.

Ji Feng Li and the other ministers never joined in. Huangfu Wu Shuang was also leisurely standing by. Seeing Hua Zhu Yu running over, Huangfu Wu Shuang smiled and said, “Yuan Bao, why don’t you go challenge the Chancellor!”

Hua Zhu Yu swiftly complied, “This servant shall follow your orders!” In fact, this chance was exactly what she’s been waiting for.

In a flash, Hua Zhu Yu dashed over as one hand extended out to grab onto Ji Feng Li’s shoulder. He never attempted to dodge so he was quickly caught by Hua Zhu Yu.

Seeing the Emperor in high spirits, watching from his dragon seat from afar, Hua Zhu Yu was slightly surprised. She feared the Emperor has long been suspicious of Ji Feng Li and perhaps was also curious as to whether Ji Feng Li really knew martial arts or not.

Thinking to here, she no longer held back but she didn’t dare to reveal all her strength either, lest it started to attract others’ suspicions. Consequently, she only dared to use a bit of her strength to fight ineptly.

Seeing that leisure smile plastered on Ji Feng Li’s lips, Hua Zhu Yu’s beautiful eyes narrowed as she took a swing at it, causing blood to trickle down. The sight of his hair neatly clasped in a bun was also quite irritating to her eyes so she landed another blow there, knocking it down, causing his hair to unravel as it fell, clinging to his wounded face, making him appear like the mirror image of a ghost.

Ji Feng Li began to avoid her but suffered a beating under her rain of attacks. The anger within him was fueled as he began to counterattack, but of course he didn’t dare to use his internal force and his moves appeared quite clumsy.

Neither dared to display the true extent of their skills. One punched while the other kicked, exchanging blows. This was a hard opportunity to come by so how could Hua Zhu Yu let it pass? She hit him ruthlessly, landing punches on his body, whacking him to the point that even a crack appeared on the jade pendant dangling from his belt.

This battlefield was quite the tragic sight.

After exchanging a few moves, Ji Feng Li was still acting as though he knew no martial arts at all. Even if she punched this devious man to death, she knew he still wouldn’t dare to expose his true martial skills. However, she couldn’t kill him at this moment while under the watchful eyes of the Emperor. Exploding in anger, she suddenly grabbed at his locks of hair but did not imagine that she would pull out a chunk of his dark hair under her forceful grasp.

Startled for a moment, Hua Zhu Yu was still holding onto his locks of hair when her vision landed on his dark eyes only to see that he was momentarily shocked as well. Soon after, the corners of his lips began to unconsciously twitch, seemingly wanting to laugh but ultimately couldn’t as only a dumbfounded expression was left on his face. His blue uniform has long been torn in many places, looking like a mess, moreover, coupled the scrapes and bruises on his face, he appeared quite wretched.

“Ha hah ha ….” The Emperor’s laughter drifted over, sounding quite pleased. He then pointed to a few guards standing by and ordered, “Quickly, don’t let them continue fighting!”

Several guards quickly ran over and pulled them apart.

Clutching his head, Ji Feng Li slowly walked over to the emperor and paid his respects before saying, “Your Majesty, Feng Li is truly not Bao gong gong’s opponent.”

“Chang gong gong, quickly bring Ji aiqing some medicine to treat his wounds. Ji aiqing, you should quickly go change and rest early,” said the Emperor with a smile.

Hua Zhu Yu swiftly knelt down in front of the emperor and said, “Your Majesty, please forgive this servant!”

With the corners of his lips lifted in a smile, the Emperor expressed, “Yuan Bao, you are quite brave, Zhen quite likes that, you can withdraw!”

“Yes!” Hua Zhu Yu kowtowed three times before standing up to follow Huangfu Wu Shuang back to Xijiang Yuan.

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HZY finally gets to vent off some of  her anger! lol 


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    Hua Zhu Yu got a few licks in to satisfy her anger.But, this chancellor is very vengeful.He won’t let this pass.

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