World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 71 part 2

This wall of flesh was unspeakably gorgeous. Illuminated by the moonlight, the contours of his fair body were distinct and exceedingly smooth. With a fair, supple neck, sensual pair of clavicle, sturdy chess without a hint of unwanted flab, tight waist, slender, elegant arms, everything was beautiful and well-proportioned like a masterpiece sculpted by the heavens, like an epiphyllum blossoming in the night, magnificent and mysterious.

She had unexpectedly swam up to Ji Feng Li. Oh heavens, please just strike me to death with a lightning bolt!

“What, has Bao gong gong taken a fancy to this Chancellor? Couldn’t resist and swam all the way here? Though this Chancellor doesn’t have a broken sleeve….” His distinct cold and elegant voice rang from above her head.  “Bao gong gong is not only beautiful, but has gone to such great lengths to charm this Chancellor, if this Chancellor  refuses, then this Chancellor would be not recognizing others good intentions. Since that is the case, this Chancellor will reluctantly comply.” Not only bewitching the Crown Prince but also dares to charm him, the Chancellor, as well. This eunuch is truly not simple! He did not expect the rumors he made up previously were in fact true!

Hua Zhu Yu abruptly narrowed her eyes as she looked at the man before her.

His ink black long mane cascaded down, scattering across his body, truly the sight of a peerless beauty. Why didn’t she yank out all his hair earlier and let him be a baldy, Hua Zhu Yu remorsefully thought.

With that smirk on his lips, he gazed at her with eyes brimming with mockery.

These ridiculing words made Hua Zhu Yu loathe to the point of grinding her teeth. Floating in the water, only her head was exposed as she coldly said, “Who would’ve thought, the grand Lord Chancellor turns out be an unscrupulous hoodlum!”

“He who is not twisted in his youth is not distinguished1,” he said with a smile that was as bright as a blossoming flower, exceptionally radiant.

“Despicable!” Hua Zhu Yu coldly remarked. Even if she was merely a little eunuch, he still didn’t have the right to say such words!

“To be loved, a man shall appear despicable.2” He narrowed his eyes as he gazed at her.

Hua Zhu Yu was dumbfounded, she didn’t expect during the day, Ji Feng Li would always appear refined and dignified yet at this time he had no sense of shame, at last revealing his true nature, a despicably vile person.

At this moment she could not beat him since she was close to naked and could only suppress the anger in her heart. She turned around to swim to shore. Her priorities right now were to find her clothes and quickly leave this place.

Ji Feng Li did not think that Hua Zhu Yu would turn to leave at this moment but how could he let her escape so easily! He narrowed his eyes which held a glint of callousness.

“Bao gong gong, why are in such a rush to leave, aren’t you fond of this Chancellor?” Finished talking, he took in a deep breath and submerged himself completely in the lake, silently swimming towards Hua Zhu Yu.

Hua Zhu Yu was almost near the shore when she suddenly felt something lurking behind. Her ankle was then yanked down and the strong force continued to pull her deeper into the depths of the lake. Her paddling feet were not strong enough and fear began to emerge within her heart. Swallowing a handful of water, she felt exceedingly uncomfortable. She knew that having acted against Ji Feng Li this morning, he wouldn’t easily let her off but he wouldn’t kill her would he?

If she died here, even if Huangfu Wu Shuang knew, he wouldn’t have any way to avenge her because she was merely a little eunuch, no one would stick up  for her.

But she wouldn’t die so easily. Hua Zhu Yu closed her eyes and let her body continue to sink, pretending to be unconscious. Then her right hand, which was flowing with the water, forcefully and abruptly struck at the area on her ankle that was being held.

When the force on her ankle was suddenly loosened, Hua Zhu Yu took the opportunity to swim towards the surface and out of the waters. With no time to even breathe, she quickly rushed to shore.

At this moment, she did not have the strength to look for her clothes. Seeing Ji Feng Li’s blue robes hanging from the tree branch, Hua Zhu Yu quickly pulled them down and draped them over her body. Before she could cover herself completely, a splashing sound surfaced from the lake. Ji Feng Li’s head had risen from the waters and he was currently wiping away the droplets of waters on his face. When he saw Hua Zhu Yu wearing his clothes, a cold light flashed within his deep unfathomable eyes.

That was truly dangerous, though she didn’t know if Ji Feng Li truly had intentions to kill her or not but her heart couldn’t help but feel terrified.

She then turned around and flashed him a graceful smile. While embracing Ji Feng Li’s clothes and white trousers, she laughingly said with squinted eyes, “Lord Chancellor, you should take your time with your bath. This servant shall leave first and shall temporarily borrow these clothes! Furthermore, Chancellor ah, this servant doesn’t have a broken sleeve but even if I did, I still wouldn’t take notice of you. Your figure isn’t strong enough!” Finished talking, Hua Zhu Yu dashed into the forest of flowers. After a few steps, she spotted her eunuch attires and quickly grabbed them as well. She then thought, Ji Feng Li ah, Ji Feng Li ah, if you have the ability, then come chase after this young miss through the mountains stark naked.

The night was very late as she meandered through the forest, not going straight through. When she was sure Ji Feng Li wasn’t following behind her, she let out a breath. Ji Feng Li really didn’t dare to chase after her naked.

After calming her breathing, she then went behind a tree when she heard the voices of two people coming from the bush of flowers on the left. One person said, “We’ve been here for so long yet why can’t we find the lake where the Chancellor is bathing nor can we find the exit? What exactly is going on, it can’t be that we’re lost right?!”

“That’s right, this place is indeed strange! That lake was right here in this forest of flowers, so why can’t we find it, was the lake transferred somewhere else?” another voice asked, puzzled.

It seems like Ji Feng Li came with guards and let them wait outside. But after waiting so long they decided to enter to look for Ji Feng Li but unexpectedly got lost in her array. Now they can’t leave nor enter. Great, this is truly great, Ji Feng Li don’t even have people to bring him clothes!

Unexpectedly though, Ji Feng Li also had some skills and could decipher her array. This person was indeed not simple, she must be more cautious of him in the future!

Hua Zhu Yu carefully left the forest of flowers and bolted down the mountain. When she was standing on a steep cliff, she gazed off into the horizon. Beneath the clear yet cold rays of moonlight, she saw the verdant mountains that appeared endless. And the summer palace was like a jade firmly embedding in the middle of mountain like a naturally occurring marvel, extremely unique.

This summer palace was not only beautiful but was situated in a place that was easily defendable. The Royal Family not only cared about entertainment but was also concerned about safety.

Holding her clothes, Hua Zhu Yu hid behind a tree and took off Ji Feng Li’s robes and adorned her eunuch attires before tossing his clothes down the bottomless cliff. To throw away such beautiful robes was quite a pity she thought.

Returning to her room at Qing Yuan, Hua Zhu Yu went to bed and sleep gradually overtook her. She slept well and comfortably like so until dawn.

When she woke up she went to wait on Huangfu Wu Shuang. In regards to her giving Ji Feng Li a beating yesterday, Huangfu Wu Shuang was extremely pleased as he said, “Yuan Bao, bring along some medicine to treat wounds, we’re going to visit Chancellor Ji!”

Hua Zhu Yu quickly replied, “Yes Your Highness!” but inside she was wondering whether Ji Feng Li had returned yet or not!


  1. so I think the meaning of this verse is that when you’re young, that’s the time to party/mess around
  2. this verse is similar to the saying how girls usually falls for the bad boys

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