World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 73 part 2

“At present it could be said that peace still exist, it’s just that someone is silently looking for you.” An Xiao Er said in a lowered voice. “They are not willing to let general go but they never could’ve imagined that general has been by their side all along!”

Hua Zhu Yu crossed her arms, silently standing in the darkness of the night.

The faint night breeze scattered her hair, exposing her entire face. The beautiful soul-stirring face was devoid of expression. Her whole being, from top to bottom, emitted coldness, heaviness, and melancholy. She was like a sword drawn out of its sheath, exuding a one of a kind frosty sharpness that even the moon above fell short of.

That’s right, who could’ve imagined, the young general brandishing his sword left and right, the one who wore a silver mask upon his face with a seeming smile hanging on his lips that was arrogant and cold was precisely the little eunuch in Eastern Palace that the mass ridiculed?

Even if one had such thoughts, it was too unbelievable!

If someone was looking for Ying Shu Xie then she shall let Ying Shu Xie appear. She really wanted to see, besides the Emperor, who else was so interested in Ying Shu Xie’s life. During the day they placed up notices brandishing Ying Shu Xie a criminal while during the night they secretly dispatched people to find and arrest her. It appears before they have eliminated Ying Shu Xie they won’t be able to sleep soundly.

“Xiao Er, come over here!” said Hua Zhu Yu with lips raised in a smile.

An Xiao Er rushed over in a flurry of steps. Hua Zhu Yu lowered her head and whispered a few words to him and he nodded before replying, “Alright, this subordinate shall do so at once!”

After she finished explaining, Hua Zhu Yu asked, “Are you still in contact with them?” The ‘them’ that she was referring to were Pin Lao Da, Kang Lao San, and also Dan Hong.

“In accordance to general’s command, this subordinate has found their temporary lodging. They couldn’t get in touch with general and have begun to act on their own accord. Dan Hong, she…” An Xiao Er hesitated to speak.

“What’s the matter with her?” Hua Zhu Yu coldly narrowed her eyes, it couldn’t be that Dan Hong has done something foolish? “She has entered the palace and you will soon see her. But, if she were to know of your current identity,” An Xiao Er paused and gave a long sigh before saying, “Don’t know just how heartbroken she’ll be.”

An Xiao Er spoke each word slowly. Dan Hong’s love for Ying Shu Xie was very transparent to them all.

If the person in one’s heart suddenly became an eunuch, say, isn’t this a bolt out of the blue ah!

But Dan Hong entering the palace was also a bolt out of the blue for Hua Zhu Yu. She had let down Jin Se, it couldn’t be that now she was even jeopardizing Dan Hong?

She always felt guilty towards Dan Hong. Because of her, Dan Hong has given up her lifelong happiness. This time, to enter the palace, it was most certainly through the imperial consort selection. She just didn’t know with what identity Dan Hong assumed to be able to enter the palace, if someone were to investigate, it would surely only lead to death!

“Xiao Er, my identity, you shouldn’t tell anyone!” Her face, besides her father, only An Xiao Er has seen it. As for everyone else, no one had caught sight of it. Even if Dan Hong were to meet her she still wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

In regards to Dan Hong’s matters, what should be done?

The mountain breeze became increasingly intense, playing with Hua Zhu Yu’s sleeves. It felt like she was carried along with the wind, coasting away except the expression on her face was exceedingly heavy.

“General, in regards to this issue, no matter how remarkable you are, by yourself, you’re but a lone army putting up a brave fight (a person struggling hard without support), you will never be able to uncover the truth. We willingly and gladly wish to serve General and Houye, Dan Hong is no exception. Our lives were given by Houye and General so to be able to provide support at this moment is our greatest privilege. General mustn’t blame yourself.” Noticing Hua Zhu Yu’s gloominess, An Xiao Er advised unhurriedly.

Hua Zhu Yu nodded as she knew An Xiao Er spoke the truth. On this path, no matter she does, by herself it’s impossible for it be smooth without a hitch. As a general in charge of military operations, how can she not understand the power of teamwork?

Gazing far into the distance, she saw everything was enveloped under the faint moonlight. The terrains of this place was quite dangerous, there were rather rugged rocks everywhere as though they’ve been sliced by the blade of a hatchet, causing one to feel somewhat fearful at heart, precisely like the path she must go down, comparably precarious.

Zhu(Bamboo) Fan

In the back courtyard of jade-green bamboos, beneath the caress of the night breeze, a white porcelain vase was placed on the table in the room; it was white as snow, refined and yet charming. Placed inside the vase were several colorful flowers and beneath the faint yellow light that enveloped the room, it exuded a distinct fragrance.

The red words of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Longevity’ were placed on two sides of the screen window which was slightly open, letting the unrestrained night breeze enter.  “The four corners are without boundaries, this time you have lost…” Ji Feng Li said with a faint smile as he lightly brushed away his sleeves and placed a black piece on the chess board.

Lan Bing knitted his brows and stood up. “Lord Chancellor, you can win against this subordinate and this subordinate wouldn’t dare say anything but that neither male nor female, one can’t say for sure if his chess skills are higher than yours, how about..…”

Ji Feng Li gave him a meaningful glance and laughed incomparably eerily, “Lan Bing, can it be you also wish to become neither male nor female? Or have you taken fancy of that broken sleeve?”

Lan Bing waved his hands in a flurry. “No, this subordinate doesn’t dare!”

At the moment he realized that he definitely cannot mention that neither male nor female in front of Lord Chancellor. If not, he won’t be able to eat any good fruits. At the hands of that neither male nor female, Lord Chancellor had eaten a huge loss.

“Reporting to Lord Chancellor, Ji Feng and Ji Yue have returned,” reported a maidservant outside the door.

A cold glint fleeted across Ji Feng Li’s unfathomable eyes as he leisurely said, “Pass on my command to the both of them, by tomorrow they are to have fully grasped all ten array methods, if not, at once they are to go receive 20 staves as punishment.”

“Yes!” the maidservant replied.

Inside the room was complete silence as Ji Feng Li’s eyes narrowed and he picked up a chess piece. In a flash, the chess piece was crushed into fine pieces, scattering in the night wind.

Lan Bing also did not know the full events of yesterday night but hearing Ji Feng Li instruct Ji Feng and Ji Yue to go study arrays he could determine that those two must’ve been trapped in one and hence couldn’t find Lord Chancellor while Lord Chancellor couldn’t go find his subordinates. He’s not one to let himself lose face in front of his subordinates therefore he found a way to secretly return. Only Lan Bing was too unlucky, he was motivated to go practice his internal force in the bamboo forest but who would’ve known that one could also die from being too vigilant. He thought an assassin had snuck into the bamboo forest and so quickly dashed to see who but who would’ve thought….he’d be struck with a bolt of lightning.

“Extremely clever with a beautiful complexion and though his martial arts isn’t high, he can still be retained. Experienced in arrays and doesn’t hold this Chancellor in his eyes…. this person, who can he be?” Ji Feng Li grasped a chess piece and gently tapped it on the table, a sharp radiance emanated from his gaze while his whole body exuded a bone chilling aura.

Lan Bing knew who he was talking about but he decided to keep his mouth sealed shut. Lord Chancellor can mention this person but he couldn’t casually do so. After a long while he mumbled, “Perhaps he’s just a self-righteous broken- sleeve. One with such talents, aren’t just a few!”

Ji Feng Li nodded but furrowed his brows. “Perhaps that is so!” But why is it he always felt this Yuan Bao wasn’t so simple!

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