World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 75 part 2

Dou Qian Jin always bid a tael higher than the others, moreoever, he did not show the slightest intention of conceding.

Everyone was bewildered, wondering exactly how high the bid was going to rise. At this precise moment, a servant rushed over in a flurry of steps and whispered a few words in the Madam’s ear. Her complexion instantly became ghastly pale and regardless of the current guests’ bidding war, her plump body was seen scurrying down the stage.

“What’s going on?” a guest of Mian Yue Lou stopped her to ask.

Aiya, that wretched girl, clients are paying so much silver yet she has no consideration at all,running off with someone else,” finding it hard to conceal, the Madam wailed and slapped her thigh.

“With who?” someone asked.

“With some masked person I heard,” the Madam replied full of grievances.

A masked person?

To some this may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but to others it was no different from heavenly music. With a ‘shua’ the bamboo screen concealing the left room was lifted and a purple figure flew out with extraordinary speed. Everyone felt a gust of wind pass by but before they could see who it was, that person had already completely disappeared from Mian Yue Lou.

Being a martial arts practitioner, Hua Zhu Yu had witnessed the scene clearly, rendering her fixated at the spot as though struck by lightning. Her usual placid heart was shook like a calm lake that’s been disturbed by the meddling of a huge boulder, instigating countless ripples, constantly wavering.

Never did she imagine that she would meet him once again at this place- Northern Prince Xiao Yin.

Then the bird that she spotted at Zhu Yuan that day really was his gyrfalcon, she hadn’t seen wrong.

Xiao Yin came to Southern Kingdom because of the news she leaked out regarding Dan Hong. He even came to the brothel to bid. Never did she expect the trap she set to be the reason for their meeting once again.

“Master, should we go take a look?” Jixiang asked Huangfu Wu Shuang.

“Of course, how can this prince pass up on such a lively show.…” Huangfu Wu Shuang stomped his foot and instructed the guard skilled in internal force to quickly give chase.

After leaving Mian Yue Luo, the figures up ahead had gone quite the distance. Huangfu Wu Shuang’s group followed behind them, leaving Qing Cheng City before arriving at Qing Jiang River. Hua Zhu Yu, Huangfu Wu Shuang and Jixiang concealed themselves in the forest of a small village overlooking the riverbank, resting their bodies on the summer underbrush, facing the river.

At this moment, the bright moon had soon ascended to rest high in the night sky. The pure moonlight cascaded down like quicksilver, illuminating the figures near the riverbank.

Amongst the group, there was a tall, lean figure adorned in a wide-sleeved white robe, elegantly standing there. An exquisitely crafted silver mask concealed his face, revealing only a pair of profound eyes, a straight nose and refined lips.

Startled, Hua Zhu Yu did not anticipate this person to be able to impersonate Ying Shu Xie so accurately. She had instructed An Xiao Er to just find a person with a similar physique to Ying Shu Xie and that would be enough but this person not only had a similar build but even his imposing manner was exactly like Ying Shu Xie’s unbridled behavior. Furthermore he exuded an aura of one who had experienced the battlefield.

Who exactly was this person?  Hua Zhu Yu was full of suspicion.

“This is Ying Shu Xie? Such arrogance!” Huangfu Wu Shuang lamented while lying on the forest grounds, his bright burning eyes focused on Ying Shu Xie.

“Your Highness, this person is indeed a character. If he can be of service to Your Highness how great would that be, unfortunately..…” Jixiang trailed off.

Presently, ‘Ying Shu Xie’ was tightly holding a girl’s hand, the exact same girl who was attired in all white at Mian Yue Lou. Not far from them were two figures, one belonged to Dou Qian Jin while the other belonged to Xiao Yin.

Xiao Yin calmly stood there on the riverbank, letting the moonlight cast a cold faint glow upon his purple robes. From her viewpoint, he appeared exceptionally tall and upright, his whole figure from top to bottom exuded a one of a kind loftiness, the bearing of a prince that stood above the heavens. His unfathomably cold purple eyes were brimming with a complicated expression as they stared fixatedly at ‘Ying Shu Xie’ in front of him.

Standing not too far off was Dou Qian Jin who was leisurely playing with a big golden coin, like a juggler, tossing it back and forth.

“Ying is truly honored ah, never did I expect to meet two remarkable figures here today. This humble one’s worth is unexpectedly so great to actually alarm the three kingdoms into cooperating together to capture this one, it’s truly a priviledge. Ha ha ha …” Ying Shu Xie said, lifting his head towards the sky, laughing merrily.

“The Southern Emperor doesn’t have the power to make this prince do anything. This prince doesn’t have the time to bother with your Southern Kingdom’s affairs either,” Xiao Yin said quietly, his voice slightly hoarse.

“Oh? Then why have you chased after this humble being?” ‘Ying Shu Xie asked suspiciously.

“This prince regards you as a hero, since you’re already a wanted criminal here, why foolishly stay in Southern Kingdom. Follow this prince back to Northern Kingdom, alright?” Xiao Yin said with his head hung low.

Xiao Yin knew that Hua Zhu Yu was Silver-faced Asura but he wasn’t aware that Hua Zhu Yu already knew that he knew. Because he had divulged this information while in a drunken stupor, once he woke up he had completely forgotten everything. Consequently, he was resisting the urge to step forward and claim Ying Shu Xie as his sister.

Lying in the forest listening to Xiao Yin’s unrestrained words, Huangfu Wu Shuang slowly clenched his fists. His eyes narrowed as he said with disdain, “What a great outrageous Northern Prince!”

“Who? Come out!” Xiao Yin suddenly turned around, his gaze arriving in the direction of the forest. His proud, piercing purple eyes rendered others unable to look straight at them.

Based on Xiao Yin’s skills, he had soon discovered there were people hidden within the forest. Perhaps he also guessed that they were people of Southern Kingdom and thus openly expressed his contempt for Southern Kingdom.

Even while in Southern Kingdom, Xiao Yin was still cold and haughty as always.

Unable to withstand it, Huangfu Wu Shuang wrinkled his beautiful brows as his eyes flashed with comtempt. “Since when did Crown Prince Xiao come to Southern Kingdom? Why not give notice, I would’ve given you a proper welcome to my Southern Kingdom!” he proudly stated.

He slowly stood, brushing away the few wisps of leaves clingling to his body. With hands clasped behind his upright back, he leisurely walked out from the forest.

With a wry smile, Hua Zhu Yu also slowly got up and followed behind Huangfu Wu Shuang.

On this beautiful night, not a speck of cloud could be seen in the skies.

As Hua Zhu Yu emerged from the forest and came into view, the moonlight illuminated her dark hair, then her face, neck and robes before her whole figure stood beneath the shining rays of the moon.

Lifting her head, she fearlessly faced Xiao Yin.

She was only afraid that Xiao Yin would be too shocked and momentarily reveal her identity. She gave him a faint smile and slowly unclenched her fist as fragments of a small flower fell from the crevices of her hand, leaving behind a lingering fragrance.

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Sorry for the late release guys !!! I was busy last week and then when I finally had time to translate I lost internet, just my luck… without internet for 3 whole days I was so bored lol it made me realize I spend way too much time on the internet but anyways once I got it back I was catching up on my reading list and dramas. Have you guys seen Huang Feng Prison?? It’s a drama adaptation of a Tale of Two Phoenix which is currently being translated. The drama started off great but then it just got tooo dramatic but I’m still watching it just for the male lead (Song Wei Long) lol when I first saw him in this drama I thought he’d be the perfect Ji Feng Li!!  If World of Hidden Phoenix were ever adapted to a drama he would be my pick to play JFL, and Shawn Dou as XY and Deng Lun as HWS. I haven’t found an actress who I think will be perfect as HZY yet though. Who would you guys pick?


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