Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 75

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“Your Majesty, may this concubine stand first before talking?” Xuan Ji asked as she looked at his face tensed with anger. 

Long Fei Li thought this woman was getting into serious trouble, more and more. This time she was even involved with the Prince of Yue Luo and his Seventh Elder Brother. Long Xiu Wen even wanted to make her his princess consort. How many other men was she involved with when he wasn’t looking? Long Fei Li was livid and thinking back to when he had departed from Chuxiu Hall today, her attitude had even been..……In his heart, a fiery rage was taking over but there was nothing he could do, he couldn’t lay his hands on her or reprimand her……

He suddenly remembered what had happened at Yanyu Tower that night, recalled that scene he happened upon of her in that man’s arms and he couldn’t help but clench his hands tightly beneath his sleeves. She was his and will only be his! Whoever dared to challenge this, he will… kill him! 

As he tried to reign in his anger, he suddenly noticed that her complexion was ghastly pale and his heart constricted anxiously. Without thinking, he supported her up, and to everyone’s shock, pulled her into his arms. He cooly replied, “Prince, Seventh Elder Brother, this woman, I cannot give you.” 

Na-ming Tian Lang was struck with both anger and surprise the moment he saw Long Fei Li embrace Xuan Ji. Hearing Long Fei Li voice his rejection so calmly, Na-ming Tian Lang clenched his jaw and questioned, “It can’t be that Your Majesty intends to take her into your harem as Prince Lingrui had just said?”  

(t/n Prince Lingrui is Long Zi Jin)

Long Fei Li’s eyes flashed and he leveled a look towards Xia Sang. Startled, Xia Sang suddenly heard the Emperor’s cold voice issued, “Take her into my harem? Prince, she has long been a part of my harem.” 

 Xia Sang glanced at Xu Xi before the both of them stepped forward in unison and respectfully said, “Greetings to Concubine Nian.” 

 Na-ming Tian Lang was taken aback. Concubine Nian? The daughter of Xi Liang’s Left Minister, the concubine of Emperor Qingjia? He originally did not pay much attention to court affairs but in regards to this Concubine Nian, she was a well-known name to the public’s ears. It was widely known that she’s been censured multiple times but it was an indisputable fact that because of her, the Emperor had cancelled morning court on two separate occasions! 

 How can Nian Xuan be Concubine Nian? But her surname was indeed Nian! Just, if she was an imperial concubine, how was she able to leave the palace? Standing next to Na-ming Tian Lang, Long Xiu Wen was particularly silent, his lips slightly pursed. His face was 2 to 3 parts similar to that of the Emperor, especially this calm appearance of his. 

Surprised yet doubtful, Na-ming Tian Lang stared fixedly at Xuan Ji and asked, “You’re really not A’Xuan who I met on the streets of the capital that day?” 

 Long Fei Li glanced at Long Xiu Wen, then he shifted his gaze towards Na-ming Tian Lang and said with a smile, “This concubine of mine is mischievous by nature and often dresses up as a palace maidservant to humor me.”

He paused for a moment as if thinking of something and asked, “Listening to your words, it seems Prince is looking for someone else?” 

Long Fei Li was holding onto Xuan Ji’s hands and she could feel him giving her hand a slight squeeze. Smiling, she spoke up. “This concubine lives in the deep palace. It’s the first time I’ve had the chance to meet the two princes today. Why would Prince mention the streets of the capital?” 

Seeing her flower-like smile, Na-ming Tian Lang’s heart gripped tightly. The person he saw that day was indeed her! He was both angered and shocked. The momentary indignance swelling in his heart consumed his sound judgement and he could only coldly smile. 

But Long Xiu Wen directed his gaze at Xuan Ji and bowed as he lightly said, “Concubine Nian, it was this subject that had offended you just now. I hope that Your Highness does not blame me.” 

 Xuan Ji didn’t know why but when her eyes met Long Xiu Wen’s and saw the still look in the depth of his gaze, her heart involuntarily jolted with alarm. 

Suddenly, she saw the Emperor’s golden sleeve extend forward as his hand reached out to  support Long Xiu Wen’s arm as he said with a smile, “Since you didn’t know, there’s no harm. We are all one family here. According to seniority, Concubine Nian is considered to be Seventh Elder Brother’s sister-in-law. Why is Seventh Elder Brother so ceremonious?” 

Long Xiu Wen glanced at the emperor. Smiling, he said, “I remembered that Your Majesty had mentioned the odd matters regarding the assassin at Yanyu Tower that day in Jinluan Hall. I now realize that people can truly look so identical. Though it’s rare, it’s not unheard of. It’s true in regards to the assassin, and it’s the same case for Concubine Nian as well.”

Na-min Tian Lang was stunned once again as a sudden thought surfaced in his head, the Emperor was not searching for assassins in Yanyu Tower but for this Concubine Nian! 

That night, Concubine Nian disguised herself and entered the courtesan selection where her face was revealed. The Emperor then summoned them and during their conversation, he mentioned how the man he had caught had an identical appearance to the assassin but in truth he was actually talking about this Concubine Nian. The Emperor met up with them because of this matter. Even if they didn’t see her today in the Imperial Garden, they would still meet her at the upcoming banquet celebration for the Emperor’s birthday! 

 As these thoughts pieced together in his head, he could feel his back bead with cold sweat. But he was not resigned and his heart was unspeakably vexed for this Concubine Nian was someone he couldn’t touch! 

A sudden tension was palpable in the air.  

Though Long Li Yu did not know how Concubine Nian was involved with the Prince of Yue Luo and his Seventh Younger Brother Long Xiu Wen, seeing them fight over her just then and Long Fei Li embracing her tightly afterwards, Long Li Yu’s covetous desires were burning stronger. In his heart, he silently sneered, Just wait and we’ll see who Nian Xuan Ji belongs to in the end!

Aggravated by her movements, her wounds, which have yet to heal, were throbbing with pain. She gritted her teeth to bear with the pain as her back broke out in cold sweat and her head leaned against the Emperor’s chest as her body slowly fell. 

Feeling her body sinking into his arms, Long Fei Li looked down and saw her face warped in pain, her eyes closed shut. His heart jolted in alarm and without regards to other matters, he carried her in his arms and ordered in a deep voice, “Xia Sang, immediately summon Lady Physician Cui to Chuxiu Hall.”

Xia Sang was also shocked. He was just about to respond when suddenly the green shadow beside him flashed. Qing Feng was already a distance ahead. 

From afar, his voice issued, “I’ll go.” 

This sudden turn of events have left everyone stunned. When they looked over again, they only saw the Emperor turn around, quickly departing. 

What exactly happened to Concubine Nian? From a glance, Na-ming Tian Lang saw that her clothes had a red stain of blood making him even more suspicious and he subconsciously took a step forward. He glanced at Long Xiu Wen from the corner of his eyes and saw that he stood there, his hands crossed behind him, his eyes were staring off, it was unclear what he was thinking. 


Chuxiu Hall.

When Xuan Ji gained consciousness, upon opening her eyes she was met with the Emperor’s gloomy face as he stood by the bed, his gaze fixed coldly on her. 

Outside the window, the sky was dark. It was uncertain how long he had been standing there.

She gave a weak smile and closed her eyes again. By her ear, the sound of the crystal curtain clattered gaudily….. Afterwards, the sound of things being smashed issued from the hall. 

Startled, Xuan Ji struggled to get up.

Lifting the crystal curtain aside, she saw that all the things on his desk were overturned, scattering across ground and he was standing there in the middle of that mess, his expression fierce and intense.

Xuan Ji gritted her teeth and coldly said, “Since you don’t want to see me, why don’t you send me back to Fengjiu Palace?”

“Send you back?” Long Fei Li repeats her words in a low voice.

He then raised his hand suddenly, pointing straight at her as he hissed, “Nian Xuan Ji, that’s not going to happen unless you’re dead or I’m dead!”

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like the title says, he is somewhat of a tyrant. But I suppose he’s just never been jealous before since all the woman are usually throwing themselves at him whereas Xuan Ji is trying to distance herself. And Xuan Ji seems to have a lot of unwanted attention, there’s Na-ming Tian Lang, Long Xiu Wen, Long Li Yu and seemingly even Qing Feng.


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