World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 78 part 2

In regards to Xiao Yin, she did hold some hatred against him, especially when he threw her into the red(prostitution) tent.

When he crushed her hand because she played the fu qin to aid Southern Kingdom, he hated her so she did not blame him. To trap Ye Fei, he used her, even poisoned her. She was angry and full of grievances but she was the one that promised to help him.

But the matter of him throwing her into the red tent was something she could never forgive. Therefore there was always ill-feelings when facing him. But she also felt sorry towards him as well.

She brought harm upon his younger sister who was met with a tragic death. She even deceived him. If possible, she wished to forever stay as his sister to console Jin Se’s spirits up above.

It’s just that she can’t go with him!

With the pressing night breeze, the candlelights in the room flickered. Xiao Yin stood there without a word, waiting for her to agree. Yet she had refused him.

“I won’t go with you!” Hua Zhu Yu turned around and walked further into the room, pulled out a chair and took a seat.

“Why?” Xiao Yin’s pair of deep eyes suddenly looked pensive as he gazed at Hua Zhu Yu. His lips slightly pursed in a rigid line as he crossed his arms and said, “I absolutely won’t allow you to continue doing foolish things here. You’re even acting as an eunuch! Everyday you must wait on that little crown prince, I won’t let you continue on like this here. Follow me, unless… you still resent me?”

“That’s right!” Hua Zhu Yu did not lie, she did carry hatred against him.

The room was particularly silent as the night breeze blew against the trees in the courtyard, rustling the leaves.

“What must I do for you to not hate me anymore?” Xiao Yin’s hand tightly hand onto her wrist as he willfully repeated, “What must I do to cease your hatred of me?”

Hua Zhu Yu felt stifled.

Abruptly, she tried to shake off his hand and asked with a smile on her lips, “Would you willingly go to a brothel and become a male prostitute?”

The tight force on her wrist disappeared as Xiao Yin released her hand.

He turned around, not looking at Hua Zhu Yu any longer. Yet she can still clearly sense his self blame. She felt perhaps she was somewhat impulsive, surely Xiao Yin was already remorseful, after all, he’s still under the impression that she’s his actual sister. To have no regret after tossing one’s own sister into the red tent would be strange.

“If doing so would appease your hatred, I’m willing!” He lowered his head, his voice full of sorrow as he spoke.

Hua Zhu Yu stared at him with widened eyes.

She didn’t dare to believe it.

How proud was Xiao Yin? He was the Northern Kingdom’s Crown Prince. But in order to appease her hatred he would actually utter such words.

“I was merely jesting, I have long since forgotten such things, besides, those soldiers didn’t take advantage of me, how can they be my opponent…” Hua Zhu Yu lightly said.

Xiao Yin suddenly turned around, his deep eyes fixed on her.

His strong arms extended out and pulld her into his embrace.

This hug was somewhat different from the previous. He exercised restraint but at the moment Hua Zhu Yu could clearly feel his pounding heart and somewhat trembling body.

Hua Zhu Yu lifted her head but before she could look at him, a warmth descended upon her lips.

Hua Zhu Yu froze in place. What was going on?

Fortunately he could still restrain himself, the moment their lips touched, he seemed to have realized what he was doing and quickly pushed Hua Zhu Yu away.

Within those pair of deep purple eyes were hints of pain and sorrow.

He was never able to see her as his younger sister but that was a fact that could never be changed.

“I’ve let you suffer. When we were young it was I who lost you, let you wander about for so many years. Now I again nearly ruined you. Yatou, you can hate me, hate me for a lifetime, it doesn’t matter, but I cannot let you suffer again. I absolutely won’t let you continue on with your foolishness here in this Southern Kingdom.” Once he was done speaking, he quickly turned around and walked out.

Perhaps because of his previous actions, he was unable to face Hua Zhu Yu.

From the courtyard, Hua Zhu Yu could hear the rising sound of wind. She slow stepped out and saw beneath the clear yet chilly moonlight, Xiao Yin was performing a sword dance. Though it wasn’t on par with hers, he truly was performing a sword dance.

With each movement, an overflowing coldness exuded in all directions. His movements were exceedingly swift as the image of the sword wrapped around his entire body, making it hard for Hua Zhu Yu to see him clearly. Only the image of the sharp blade countlessly striking through the air could be seen, glistening along with the stars in the night sky.

His figure occasionally flashes amidst the raids of sword strikes, like a roaming dragon, almost like wisps of smoke.

At the end of the dance, the whole courtyard was a scene of falling petals and leaves which formed a thick blanket at his feet. Withdrawing his sword, he suddenly advances towards a nearby tree and hammers his fist against the trunk. This strike did not employ an inkling of internal force so the tree swayed before resuming its erect position while blood was already seeping from his fist.

Zhu Yuan

Leisurely walking through the bamboo forest, Ji Feng Li was like the passing white clouds.

The moon hung high in the night sky, radiant like a pearl. Inside the bamboo forest, besides the whistling of the wind, no other sound was heard. Ji Feng Li stood amidst the forest, experiencing the serenity and fragrance of the summer night.

It was uncertain how long he stood there but the night scene gradually darkened as a soft muslin-like layer of mist rose within the bamboo forest, hazy as though present yet also not present.

He suddenly turned around and left the forest. When he returned to his room, a maidservant approached in a flurry of steps to welcome him. Seeing Ji Feng Li’s white robes soiled by dirt, the maidservant rushed to fetch a new set of clothes. Ji Feng Li changed out of his outer garments and washed his hands in the basin of water the maidservant brought. He then received the brocade handkerchief from the maidservant and slowly wiped his hands.

“Lord Chancellor, this servant has prepared the meal, would Lord Chancellor like to eat?” Seeing Ji Feng Li’s complexion, the maidservant asked with caution.

Ji Feng Li suddenly realized he was somewhat hungry. Though the banquet was full of delicacies, he didn’t have the chance to enjoy them.

“Alright, arrange the meals, call Lan Bing over to dine together. Has Tong Shou returned yet?” Ji Feng Li handed back the handkerchief and asked.

“He’s returned!” the maidservant replied with her head lowered.

“Then call him over as well!” Ji Feng Li slowly walked over and took a seat.

On the red sandalwood table were a few light dishes, including a bowl of porridge.

Without waiting for Lan Bing and Tong Shou, Ji Feng Li picked up the chopsticks and began to use the meal.

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