Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 80

Giving the door a hard push, Xuan Ji rushed in and shouted, “Long Fei Li!” 

But as she ran in, someone was just walking out and she ended up running right up into his chest. 

The man was seemingly startled by her sudden appearance. Hesitancy flashed in the depth of his eyes but in the end he reached out his hands to support her. 

“Qing Feng?” Surprised, Xuan Ji smiled apologetically and took a step back from within his arms. 

Just then, within such close proximity, Qing Feng could feel the curves of her body and smell her fragrance. His gaze lowered as his eyes lingered on his hands. 

Looking around the hall and noticing that it was empty, Xuan Ji was a little surprised and asked, “Where’s the Emperor?” 

“He went out.”


From the corner of his eye, he saw her walking towards the desk and he said in a low voice, “I’ll leave first.” 


Slightly taken aback, Qing Feng turned sideways to look at Xuan Ji. 

 Smiling, Xuan Ji said, “Back at Bixia Palace, thank you.” 

 Qing Feng hardened his gaze, his expression cold and indifferent as he asked, “I wanted to kill you, what do you thank me for?” 

 Unconcerned by his reaction, Xuan Ji continued to smile and replied, “In short, thank you.” 

 Qing Feng stared at her silently as his brows furrowed. Just as he was about to take his leave, he suddenly heard her say, “That’s right, Die Feng said you had taken the wolf out for training? How is it? It hasn’t returned to Fengjiu Palace for a while now.” 

 At the mention of the wolf, Qing Feng’s body slightly shook. After a long silence, he lightly replied, “It’s gone missing.” 

“What?” Shocked, Xuan Ji quickly took a step forward. 

Qing Feng’s expression was solemn as he explained, “It seemingly had undergone a change…. One night I took it to the lakeside to train when suddenly it’s body began emitting a bright, blue ray of light. It started convulsing, rolling on the ground as if in great pain. I was just about to go over to see what was wrong when it suddenly jumped into the lake.” 

 Xuan Ji was shocked to hear what happened. After a momentary silence, she asked, “Do wolves here know how to swim?” 

Surprised by her sudden question, Qing Feng immediately shook his head and replied, “No.” 

“It has wings. If it drown, it can just take flight,” he quickly added upon seeing the worried look on her face. 

 Xuan Ji tried to put on an assured smile but then she suddenly recalled that Cuiya had gone to the cold palace because she had been chasing after the little wolf. If that had happened after the little wolf disappeared in the lake then the little wolf should be alright. She had forgotten about that period of time and was just about to mention it to Qing Feng when suddenly his voice issued from outside the door, “Don’t worry. Upon returning (from the trip), I will find it and bring it back to you!” 

In the distance, his voice sounded so far away yet full of resolve.  

Xuan Ji stroked her forehead, still somewhat worried as she placed the palace lantern on the desk and headed towards the inner bedroom. 


Xuan Ji didn’t know where Long Fei Li had gone. She had laid there for a long time but he still hadn’t returned. Though her wound had gotten better, it had yet to completely heal and was still faintly painful.

 As time drifted by, she slowly closed her eyes and dozed off. 

“Zi Su…”

Who was calling her? No, she was Xuan Ji, no that’s not right, she’s A’Qi ………Who’s calling Zi Su?

The low and gentle voice was far off in the distance, but seemingly was approaching, closer and closer. Xuan Ji vaguely recalled she had been sleeping on the bed. She wanted to get up but her body felt heavy as if restrained by the nightmare. Slowly, her mind became a bit more clear-headed but her body did not move as she wished. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t get up. But this kind of thing was not unheard of, she thought, many people have gone through this experience while they’ve been fast asleep.

With all her might, she forced open her eyes. She subconsciously looked over the edge of the bed. Sitting on the ground, staring at her was a pair of blue eyes with a body of all white. Overjoyed, she exclaimed “Little wolf!”

But the little wolf’s lips were pulled in a strangely cold smile, giving her quite a shock. She felt that such a smile was too human-like and could not help but stare at it in a trance. When she blinked her eyes and took another look, there was only emptiness in front of her, where would there be such a little wolf? 

 Darkness enveloped her vision, her eyes slowly closed once more. 


As the crystal curtain gently lifted,  a figure slowly entered. In a body of snow-white robes, with long, black hair falling across his back, he held a palace lantern and went to the side of the bed. He remained standing there in silence, gazing at the woman that was fast asleep. 

His blue eyes remained fixed on her face. His hand suddenly reached out to caress her cheeks, but the slender fingers suddenly disappeared, only emptiness remained within the white sleeve. 

 Xuan Ji exclaimed in fright as she suddenly sat up from the bed. All around was silence save for the tinkling of the crystal curtains knocking softly against one another. She had broken out in cold sweat. Had the little wolf been here? And who was that man just now? 

She couldn’t see his face then….

It was a dream, just a dream! Chuxiu Hall was heavily guarded, who could possibly get in?  

But then her eyes landed over the edge of the bed and she was taken aback. 

Sitting on the ground was a palace lantern giving off a faint glow. 

How could this palace lantern, which she had put in the hall, be here!

Did someone really come in just now?

Xuan Ji stroked her chest to calm her racing heart. She couldn’t help but call out, “ Long Fei Li, are you back?”

The taste of saury (fish), the cat and you both want to find out ………”

(t/n these are the lyrics from the song Orange Jasmine by Jay Chou)

Xuan Ji instantly screamed in fright, her hands reaching out to cover her face. This voice, this long lost sound, this was that wretched Xin Zhui Zhui’s ringtone. How can it be here? Isn’t this Chuxiu Hall?

(t/n Xin Zhui Zhui was Xuanji’s friend who studied archaeology and was the one that had disappeared )

The ringtone continued to sound.

Xuan Ji opened her eyes and peered through her trembling fingers. Under the crystal curtain, a pale blue light was flashing. A cell phone was lying on the ground, vibrating. 

Her heart was beating out of her chest. She gritted her teeth and pulled the blankets to the side. Barefoot, she ran over and picked up the cell phone. 

How could this be? Her cell-phone also transmigrated over? 

These past few days she was slowly forgetting her long gone past as she became accustomed with this time and space. Trembling, she looked at the screen of the cell phone and saw that there was a new message.

She pressed open and in the next second, her hands reached to cover her mouth and the screams that would’ve escaped had she not. 

A voice suddenly came from the hall outside. 

Xuan Ji quickly turned off the cell phone and hid it in her dress. 

Lifting the crystal curtain, she ran out. 

 The door to the hall was open.  Xu Xi and Xia Sang were following behind Long Fei Li. They seemed to have just returned. Looking over and seeing her hair and clothes in disarray, Long Fei Li slightly frowned. 

 Xuan Ji however did not think of anything else and instantly ran into the Emperor’s arms. 


When Xuan Ji wanted to open the cell phone and take another look at that unnerving picture again,  the sun was already shining through the curtain of the carriage which was already heading out of the palace. Xuan Ji was silently nestled in Long Fei Li’s arms, completely ignoring the low sounds of conversations taking place around her in the carriage. Her thoughts were fixed on the events of last night that had left her unsettled with a lingering fear. 

Last night, she ran into his arms, taking Long Fei Li by surprise. He turned and lightly gave the order to the servants, “You may withdraw.” 

 She was terrified but listening to his voice, he sounded quite pleased. 

 With a knowing smile, Xia Xang responded, “This servant shall withdraw.” 

 Before leaving, Xu Xi gave Xuan Ji a once over with his eyes, his displeasure with her actions clearly evident. But she was truly frightened and did not have the time to pay attention to him and only continued to hold onto Long Fei Li’s waist tightly. 

The hall door closed there after. 

Long Fei Li pulled her out from his chest and leaned down to kiss her lips.  

These past few days, though they slept and ate together, he was seemingly conscious of her injuries and did not touch her. He also didn’t spend the night at any of the other concubine’s quarters.   

She would often joke and tell him to flip over a concubine’s nameplate for the night but he merely gave her a silent glance before he went back to handling state affairs. 

The death of that palace maidservant had left Xuan Ji feeling guilty and uneasy. And after that night of high fever, she didn’t know why, but she felt Long Fei Li’s attitude towards her had become more restrained but he still didn’t allow her to leave Chuxiu Hall. 

Though they were together, the distance between them grew, gradually and unknowingly. 

 At first, his kiss was gentle but quickly it intensified as his hands began moving across her chest, stimulating her senses. She hated that she could not resist his touch. 

 His lips moved down towards her neck and she could hear the quickening of his breath. 

 Startled by this quick turn of events, she moved to push him away but he caught her hand as he buried his head against the crook of her neck. She uneasily tried to move away but he once again scolded, “Don’t move.” 

There was a sliver of anger in his voice.  

She was once again startled when he moved to pick her up in his arms and strode straight into the bedroom. 

 On the ground, the palace lantern gave off a faint glow. 

 He placed her on the bed and laid down beside her, wrapping his arms around her. “What happened?” he asked. 

She naturally couldn’t tell him that her cell phone had transmigrated over with her….. And there was that strange and unnerving message too. So instead, she replied, “Long Fei Li, there’s a ghost in your Chuxiu Hall.” 

He immediately reprimanded, “Nonsense.”

She lowered her gaze and whispered, “It’s that maidservant you had killed. I saw her.”

Once she spoke, she inched into his embrace and jabbed him on the chest with her hand. She had lied about the ghost but she hated that he could treat a human life like it was dirt…..this fear of hers was real. 

Long Fei Li hugged her tightly in response and remained silent. 

Snuggled in his strong arms and warm embrace, the fear and panic in her heart slowly dispersed and she succumbed to the quiet slumber. In her sleep, she seemingly heard his faint voice but it was unknown who he was talking to. 

 “If you want revenge, come find me. I killed you, it has nothing to do with my woman.”


Xuan Ji shook her head, not waiting to think about him as she focused on the message she received last night, the message had come from Zhui Zhui.

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