Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 81

It had contained an image she had seen once before, and because she had seen it in the past, it had disturbed her greatly, riddling her with unease. 

It was that last night she had spent at home. On the TV screen was the excavation of a mausoleum. 

The red coffin.

The layers of dust on the coffin had been brushed aside and the archaeological team had left a name plate beside the coffin in identification. 

The name plate read: Empress Xiao Yi Hui.

This morning, before leaving the palace, Xuan Ji had quietly taken out her phone and looked at the message again. 

A crucial question came to mind: when was this message sent? 

 The modern day Zhu Qi was already dead. So did Zhui Zhui send this message before or after Zhu Qi’s death?

In theory, it should’ve been after Zhu Qi’s death because she had died that very night and thus had arrived in Xi Liang. And that night, Zhui Zhui had only sent her two messages, asking her to come to the address No. 18 Xining Street.

But on the cell phone, the prior messages had all been deleted, including those two darn messages she had received before she crossed over to this place. 

She had long forgotten what day she had crossed over. So she wasn’t sure if it had occurred before or after the date and time on this message. But what if the message was sent after her death?

If the message was sent after her death, then the question becomes, why would Zhui Zhui send a text message to a dead person?

Unless Zhui Zhui wasn’t aware that Zhu Qi was dead.

But according to the events that transpired in mirror at the antique shop, Zhu Qi was killed that night on Xining Street. It should’ve been a criminal case and Zhu Qi had very few friends. The police’s investigations were bound to lead them to Zhui Zhui and Yu Huan.

It couldn’t be possible for Zhui Zhui not to know of her death unless Xin Zhui Zhui was also missing! 

But that day, she had clearly seen her on TV. Besides, from this image, it seems that they were still working on excavating the tombs. Before on the TV, they seemed to have only unearthed the burial objects. But now one of the tombs had already been identified as belonging to Empress Xiao Yi Hui.

And if Zhui Zhui was still texting her, she must not be missing!

But if she wasn’t missing, she should know that Zhu Qi was dead. Why then would she send her a text message? Why had she told her to go to Xining Street? What was the meaning of this text message? And who was Empress Xiao Yi Hui? 

Xuan Ji bit her lip when she suddenly realized a problem she had ignored all this time.

The day she had gone to Xining Street, she had called Zhui Zhui all day long but no one answered. Later, she received a text message from Zhui Zhui’s number so she had thought Zhui Zhui had sent those messages. But Zhui Zhui had never answered her phone and she did not hear her voice. 

What if the text messages were never from Xin Zhui Zhui in the first place?!

But if it wasn’t Zhui Zhui, then who had sent those messages? Was it that handsome man with the blue eyes? At first, she couldn’t understand why he wanted to help her. Now it seems there was another hidden reason for her arrival at Xi Liang. 

She had hid the cell phone in the layers of her clothes. She had made up her mind. Once they stopped to rest, she would try and see if the phone still had a signal for her to make a call. 

It was hard to predict what situation Zhui Zhui was in but perhaps she could contact Yu Huan. 

If she could contact Yu Huan it would be great. She can then ask Yu Huan to find Zhui Zhui. She was really worried for the archaeological team at the excavation site.

Moreover, she had this weird feeling in her heart that she couldn’t put into words. She really wanted to know who was that Empress Xiao Yi Hui that rested within that red coffin. 

In that world, this continent of Yun Cang did not exist in history. Xi Liang and Yue Luo were from a different time and space. 

Thus Empress Yi Hui should’ve been an Empress during one of the dynasties of that past time and had no relations to this time and space that she was currently at. But for some reason, the sight of the coffin disturbed her, she really wanted to take a look inside to see who it was. 

 But even if she could, the coffin had been around for thousands of years, the face of the corpse inside should be beyond recognition. What’s more, it was not certain that she could even call Yu Huan at all. 

 She fidgeted in distress and Long Fei Li lightly glanced at her. 

 She did not care and ignored him as she moved to a more comfortable position in his arms and closed her eyes. 

 The carriage had left the imperial capital and was traveling on a very remote road along the city.

Concurrently, the emperor’s royal carriage was also heading towards the Autumn Mountains. However, except for Xu Xi, the Emperor, Consort Ji , and Prince Lingrui were all guards dressed in disguise.

The real Emperor and his Consort were heading towards Leyang Prefecture.

With a smile, Xia Sang said, “Your Majesty, Commander Duan of the Imperial Guards shall be meeting up with us at Taoyuan town that’s up ahead.”

Long Fei Li nodded.

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