World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 84 part 2

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Hua Zhu Yu took the money and got down from the carriage. Intending to head towards the clothing shop, she suddenly heard a commotion up ahead and noticed an entourage of approaching troops. A guard armed with a sword was riding ahead, leading the way. Behind him were guards filed in two orderly lines followed by a dazzling carriage, pulled by two fine black steeds whose heads held high, solemn and reverent.

The night wasn’t too late and there were still many people roaming the streets. Yet they all fell silent in face of the awe-inspiring sight. Everyone stared at the dazzling carriage with admiration as it slowly approached.

Lan Bing got off the carriage after Hua Zhu Yu. Seeing this scene, he smiled and said, “I didn’t think the Lord Chancellor would return so soon.”

Taking another careful look, she recognized the burly man leading the way was indeed Tong Shou so the person inside the carriage must be Ji Feng Li. She coldly humphed and quickly entered the shop. Seeing this, Lan Bing followed after her but she had yet to take two steps when she heard Lan Bing ask in a surprised voice, “Yuan Bao, why are you walking like that?”  

Her face could not help but slightly flush. Thankfully the night was dark and no one else noticed. She gritted her teeth and said, “Isn’t it all thanks to Lord Chancellor. I was tortured last time and till now my legs still hurt!”

If Ji Feng Li were to know that she said her period was all thanks to him, don’t know if he would be angered to death or not. She quietly took another glance at the stunning carriage in the distance, her eyes flashing with coldness. The most humiliating moment of her life wasn’t the day she was forced to marry, or the evening she was tossed into the red tent, but precisely this night.

Falling for her lies, Lan Bing followed after her and whispered, “Oh so that’s how it is. If that’s the case, you should thank Lord Chancellor, if it wasn’t for him, I fear you wouldn’t have legs left to walk on.”

Although he showed mercy, wasn’t he the one responsible for her being imprisoned in the first place?

“Lan daren is right!” Hua Zhu Yu calmly replied but her hands were clasped in a tight fist beneath her sleeves, her nails biting into her skin. Ji Feng Li, just you wait. Wait until the moment you’re imprisoned and tormented to death, we’ll see if you’re grateful for the mercy I show then!

Luckily the shop she entered sold both male and female clothes. If it sold female clothing, then it must also sell feminine products. But with Lan Bing following right behind her, buying them would be difficult. Inside the shop was a shopkeeper and a male shop assistant. Perhaps because it was already late, the female assistant had gone home. She could not directly ask them for those items.  

Randomly grabbing a few male garments, she entered the dressing room to change. Afterwards, she took a peek outside and noticed the shopkeeper and male assistant keeping Lan Bing preoccupied. Right outside the dressing room were a lot of fabrics. She rummaged through them and finally found what she was looking for. She quickly grabbed them, fished out a silver coin and left it in place of the items she took. If she didn’t and the shopkeeper realized some items were missing he might brand her a thief.

Carrying a few male garments, she went out. “Well, these fit alright so I’ll be buying these,” she informed Lan Bing before placing down a silver coin and leaving the shop in a haste.

The Left Chancellor’s carriage had yet to leave and was stationed in front of the shop. At this time, a slender hand reached out to lift the curtains, revealing the peerless talent Ji Feng Li. Lan Bing hastily stepped forward to pay his respects. Ji Feng Li whispered a few words to Lan Bing before Lan Bing quickly returned to her side and said, “Yuan Bao, Lord Chancellor said you can ride in his carriage.”

Silently standing on the street, she coldly glared at him.

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He did not seem to mind her glare in the slightest, and even deepened his smile, eyes beaming radiantly like the dazzling night stars. On the street, a few passersby were stunned by his smile but Hua Zhu Yu was unmoved. She slowly made her way towards the carriage.

The carriage was awfully large. Inside, Ji Feng Li was dressed casually as he reclined in his seat, appearing a bit languid. Within his hand he held a book; his lashes downcast, veiling his dark eyes. Hearing Hua Zhu Yu entered, he did not move. His phoenix eyes slightly opened fleetingly as they lightly glanced her way before returning back to the book.

Lightly knitting her brows, Hua Zhu Yu tightly held onto her bundle of clothes and took a seat directly opposite him. Though she tried her best to suppress her emotions whenever she met Ji Feng Li, a bit of anger still showed. She was accustomed to the crude and rough manners of soldiers, and very rarely did she ever meet a person as graceful and calm as Ji Feng Li. She wondered if he would still carry such an elegant demeanor when killing someone. She thought back to that day and remembered just how calm and graceful he was sitting at the interrogation desk. Hua Zhu Yu wondered if there was anything in this world that would unsettle him.  Since Ji Feng Li was ignoring her, she also had nothing to say. She just continued to look at him. She knew the person before her was difficult to fathom and hard to deal with. The best way to deal with him was to speak less and stay composed.

But the longer she stared at him, the more she felt that the heavens were unjust.

His head was slightly lowered as he read, his ink dark eyes faintly open as a few loose strands of hair fell before his forehead. He was a picture of luxury and grace, a mesmerizing sight.

If one day he were to fall into her hands, the first thing she would do was to etch a few marks on his face with a knife. A heartless person like him should have a disgusting appearance.

Carried away by her own thoughts, she did not realize that Ji Feng Li’s gaze had shifted from his book to her. His eyes were piqued with interest as he calmly said, “Bao gong gong has suffered these few days! I heard that your wounds have yet to heal. Take this bottle of medicine,” From his long sleeve he took out a porcelain bottle and threw it in her hands. A light scent of ambergris filled the air.

When Ji Feng Li mentioned her wounds, she felt her face slightly flushed but fortunately the light inside the carriage was dim. She quickly lowered her head, trying to suppress the shame in her heart. After a moment, she coldly smiled at Ji Feng Li and said, “Thank you Left Chancellor for your concern. But such precious medicine shouldn’t be wasted on a measly servant as myself, Left Chancellor should take it back!” She then threw the bottle at his face. Though her movements were light, she had used a bit of internal force. She really wished to wipe that fake smile off his face.

Unfortunately her wish was not fulfilled. Ji Feng Li calmly raised his book which the bottle hit before falling and rolling to the corner of the carriage.  Placing the book down, he looked at Hua Zhu Yu, his eyes slightly narrowing. He calmly asked, “Bao gong gong, do we have some sort of deep hatred between us?”

She had lost control of herself in front of him again. After calming herself down, she hatefully said, “What does Left Chancellor think? You used the beasts to harm the Crown Prince and imprisoned him. Now he won’t be able to ascend the throne, should I or shouldn’t I hate you?” Previously she was uncertain but now she was definitely sure the beasts were Ji Feng Li’s doing. He wanted to help Kang Wang. Once Kang Wang ascends the throne, all the power of Southern Kingdom would fall into his hands.

Ji Feng Li was slightly startled before smiling. “Bao gong gong truly is clever. It’s true that it’s all my doing.” He was straightforward, never trying to hide. “Though you are clever, you don’t have eyes to recognize people. Huangfu Wu Shuang isn’t fit to be Emperor. It is quite rare to find a person so infatuated with their master. There really are people with broken sleeves in this world! It seems it won’t be easy for you to willingly follow me.”


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