World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 86 part 2

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Entering through the back door, they were led through a flower garden, filled with all sorts of floras, blooming under the rays of sunlight. From this view, one could determine this household was definitely well-off. Who knows, maybe there really is a young lady waiting for Ji Feng Li.  

They walked down a long hallway before ascending a flight of stairs up to the second floor, finally stopping in front of a door. A delicate-looking maid opened the door. Upon seeing Ji Feng Li, her face instantly lit up and she flashed a brilliant smile, shouting “Older sister Yu Yuan, Lord Chancellor has arrived!”

Hua Zhu Yu followed Ji Feng Li  and entered the room. The moment she stepped in she knew exactly where she was. Her first suspicion was the smell of alcohol in the hallway which made her doubt whether or not this was the residence of an official. Now looking around the room it was clear from the ambiguous decorations, such as the suggestive screen motif of two lotus flowers hanging from one stalk, which was traditionally used to represent married couples, to the red muslin hung everywhere. Added to this was the cloying smell of incense, the faint lighting in the room, and the firmly shut and fully draped windows despite it being the middle of the day.

This was a brothel!

Ji Feng Li brought her to a brothel!

She was surprised because she didn’t think Ji Feng Li went to such places.

A soft reply came from behind the screen before it was removed, revealing a young lady sitting in front of a mirror. From her appearance it was obvious she had just woken up. The whole place felt very quiet. This made sense since girls who worked at brothels normally kept late hours and slept during the day. The young lady presented a rather appealing image with her hair in a low bun, her clothes partially draped over her body, and a jade hairpin in her hand, ready to be affixed to her hair.

Ji Feng Li walked over and rested his elbow on the dressing table. With his other hand he lifted her chin up and smiled while softly saying, “A-Yuan is getting more beautiful by the day!”

Yu Yuan shot him a charming look, pouting her lips as she said, “Lord Chancellor only knows how to tease others, if A-Yuan really is that beautiful, how come Lord Chancellor hasn’t come to find A-Yuan in so long? If A-Yuan didn’t send word that there was important matters to discuss, perhaps Lord Chancellor wouldn’t come, right?”

“This Chancellor is here, am I not? What did A-Yuan want to see this Chancellor for?” Ji Feng Li smiled, his dark narrow eyes reflected off the light of the lamp, gleaming with brilliance.

“What A-Yuan desires, could it be Lord Chancellor doesn’t know?” Yu Yuan shot him a coquettish glance.

“Is that what A-Yuan really wants?” His voice sounded a bit languid but besides that, it did not reveal any other hint of emotion. His hands reached out to caress her face and she immediately hooked her arms around his neck.

Lowering his head, he gazed at the beauty nestled within his arms. The lamp cast a soft light upon his face. His lashes were lowered, his eyes downcast as his lips slightly rose in a faint smile.  His long, slender fingers reached out to pull the hairpin that fixed her bun in place. Instantly, her hair was loosened, unfurling as it descended. His hands then slid down the side of her body and with a light tug, her captivating red robes dropped to the floor, exposing her sheer pink undergarment.

Glancing at the undergarment, he smiled and leaned in, faintly hovering his lips over the crook of her neck, making her tremble unconsciously. She gasped for breath and tugged at her undergarment, throwing it to the floor and she leaned in, clinging tightly to Ji Feng Li. Brushing her fair bosom against him, she gazed up at him with billowing eyes, rippling with tender affection.

 He faintly smiled yet that one smile was enough to bewitch her soul completely.

Hua Zhu Yu was struck dumb at the scene unfolding before her very eyes. Ji Feng Li wasn’t actually planning on doing that in front of her right? He really is shameless. And that lady too. There was still an outsider, her, present within the room. They truly had no sense of shame but she did

She quickly turned to leave. She should just take advantage of this opportunity to escape but who would’ve known that as soon as she opened the door, there was already a doorkeeper standing guard there. When did Tong Shou arrive?

Hua Zhu Yu smiled and asked,  “Tong daren, how about we switch places?”

Tong Shou really lived up to his name, it was like his whole body was made from copper (tong). He didn’t even spare her a glance. It was evident that he found her disgusting. He shoved Hua Zhu Yu back inside and slammed the door shut.

Hua Zhu Yu did not have any other choice. She could only find a chair to sit as she rested her cheeks on her palm.

Yu Yuan’s upper half was already stripped bare. She was now trying to remove Ji Feng Li’S clothes. Her movements were quick and nimble and after just a few light moves, she had already removed his outer robes.

Ji Feng Li knitted his brows. The hand he placed on her waist gave a firm pinch and Yu Yan cried out in surprise, lamenting, “Lord Chancellor, you’re so wicked!”

“How is this Chancellor wicked?” Ji Feng Li shoved Yu Yuan aside, slowly leaning back against the seat behind him and lazily asked.

“Even though I know Lord Chancellor is only teasing me, but look at how much I have done for you. I don’t have any other desire, I only wish for one night with the Chancellor, is that not possible?” Yu Yuan asked, her voice brimming with grievances as she picked up her clothes and put them on.  

“A-Yuan, it’s not that this Chancellor doesn’t want to play with you, it’s just…” Ji Feng Li’s gaze suddenly swept over towards Hua Zhu Yu, his smile flushed with affection, making it hard for one to even breathe.  

Hua Zhu Yu started. What did Ji Feng Li want to do?

Yu Yuan’s complexion instantly turned deathly pale.

“Lord Chancellor, it couldn’t be, you’re actually interested in him?” Yu Yuan raised her hand, pointing directly at Hua Zhu Yu.

Ji Feng Li did not reply but his phoenix eyes were gazing at Hua Zhu Yu with adoration as though he wanted to take her in, deep into the depths of his eyes. If she didn’t know any better, she wondered if she too would’ve been entranced by him.

Yu Yuan’s hands began to tremble. Even her legs seemed to not have the strength to stand. She supported herself against the table behind her. Her charming eyes had soon grew dark as she began to laugh hysterically. “No wonder, no wonder!”

Sitting quietly in her chair, Hua Zhu Yu could only smile callously. Her reputation was already bad as it is. She feared her broken-sleeve notoriety has soon spread through the Southern Kingdom. But what about Ji Feng Li? Why was he doing this? Was he not afraid of tarnishing his name?

Hua Zhu Yu felt a headache coming. It couldn’t be that even disguised as a man she would still be subjected to the enmity of the ladies in the Imperial city? Ji Feng Li, what exactly are you playing at?



the A in A-Yuan is just a term of endearment usually added in front of a name


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