Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 86

Xuanji was still frozen in shock when Long Fei Li came forward from behind and grabbed her hand.

She couldn’t help the flush that crept up her face. She was currently dressed as a man and now they were standing on these crowded streets, their hands intertwined for all to see….As these thoughts unsettled her, she felt him squeeze her wrist. She realized that he had taken something from her — it was the beaded wristband she had worn, the one left behind by the koi fish. 

She suddenly came to an understanding. She looked up at the man and noticed his expression had darkened. It was this wristband that he had wanted to take from her. 

Long Fei Li’s light gaze flickered over the man’s face as he moved the wristband onto his own wrist. 

“Long Fei Li…..” she gently pulled at his sleeve.

“Let me keep it for the time being,” he said, his tone so light, her heart couldn’t help but stir. Before the eyes of the crowd, she understood his intentions. 

It was just that this bead wasn’t her only one. In fact, she had another one that was kept in her side pocket, right next to her cell phone. Feng Zhanbai had given it to her last time. She meant to return it to him but she had forgotten and he hadn’t asked for it back. 

The man in black had an icy smile as he leaned forward, seemingly about to make his next move. Long Fei Li pushed Xuanji back but there was no hint of apprehension from his expression, rather, he looked quite at ease. Stepping forward, Long Zijin eyed Yue Jingying who was standing beside Duan Yuhuan before fixing his eyes on the man in black vigilantly. 

 Just now, Long Fei Li had said there were two groups of people. Seemingly, it was these two here. 

“Older brother.” A tender voice issued as a woman in a yellow dress emerged from the crowd. Everyone was slightly taken aback as the woman’s appearance was 8 to 9 parts similar to the man in black. 

The woman seemed to have glanced at Long Fei Li, her calm expression turning sharp in a split second. Others may not have noticed, but Xuanji had been watching her carefully the moment she appeared and could spot the change clearly. Seeing this, the unease she had felt the moment she laid eyes on the ninth young lady tonight heightened. 

The woman in yellow whispered something to the man in black who subsequently took a step back. 

The boisterous crowd had become exceedingly quiet now. Many glanced at the embroidered ball laying still on the ground but no one dared to come pick it up. 

“It’s truly a predicament this time around. It seems that all of you Young Masters are fated with this embroidered ball, fated with my daughter,” someone laughing said, the voice issuing from behind. Lord Yu was walking over, the servant by his side picking up the embroidered ball as he continued with a sigh, “It’s getting quite late, you all must be from out of town. If you don’t mind, come stay at my residence for the night. As for my daughter’s marriage, we can slowly discuss it tomorrow and see which Young Master this old man is lucky to have as my son-in-law.”  

 Yue Jingying took the lead, nodding as she said, “That’s fine by me.”  

The woman in yellow also replied with a smile, “My elder brother is Murong Pei, I am Murong Lin, us siblings shall have to bother you elder.”

Lord Yu then glanced at Long Fei Li. He had soon figured out that Long Fei Li was the one in charge amongst the group with Xuanji.

Duan Yuhuan took this time to walk over and whisper something to Long Fei Li who gave a faint smile and proceeded to reply, “Then I’d have to bother Lord Yu.”

The crowded streets soon dispersed. 

As everyone entered the Yu Residence, a man was currently sitting alone in the hall. With a smile, Lord Yu made an introduction. “I’ve just found a husband for my eighth daughter a few days ago. I’d like for you to meet my son-in-law.” 

He raised his voice and called out, “Young Master Bai.” 

Seated at the table, the man in a body of white robes turned around. 

Seeing who it was, Xuanji was shocked and wondered, How could it be him? 

She took a quick glance at Long Fei Li whose brows were slightly knitted. 

The man’s gaze swept across the group that had entered the hall, his eyes landing on Long Fei Li and Xuanji before he quickly gave a courteous smile and said, “Greetings, Young Masters.” 

“The two Young Masters, I trust that you’ve been well since we’ve last met?” he asked, directing the question towards Long Fei Li and Xuanji. 

Turns out, Lord Yu’s eighth son-in-law was…..Bai Zixu. 


After Duan Yuhuan entered the room, the whole group was present.

Long Fei Li glanced at Long Zijin who nodded and spoke. “As I’ve said, we seem to have gotten into quite a complicated situation.”

“Tenth brother?” Yuzhi questioned with a frown. 

Xuanji’s thoughts were still fixed on Bai Zixu. How could he be here? Didn’t Long Fei Li hand him over to Xiahou Chu? At this time, he should be working in the Ministry of Civil Office…. How could he be in Taoyuan? How could he become the Yu Family’s son-in-law? 

Originally, she had already found it strange that Murong Pei had wanted to snatch her beaded wristband. Now, coming across Bai Zixu here, her suspicions were only growing by the second. 

Long Zijin said, “First of all, let’s talk about the Yu Family’s eighth son-in-law.” 

He paused for a moment and looked towards Xuanji, asking, “Madam, how well do you know Bai Zixu?” 

 Xuanji furrowed her brows and said, “I think Young Master should know more about him than I….. He and I have only met once at the Nian Residence.” 

 Eyes dimming, Long Fei Li said, “Xiao Qi, Bai Zixu has been dead since last year.” 

Shocked, Xuanji asked, “Then who is this Bai Zixu?” 

Long Zijin’s lips twisted in a satirical smile as he said, “No one knows who he is.” 

Confused, Yuzhi said, “I don’t understand, ninth brother, tenth brother, what did you say? Who died, who’s fake, is he dead or not?” 

(t/n the Zi in Bai Zixu name means dead, and the Xu means fake, so that caused Yuzhi to be confused on whether he was dead or just faked his death)

“You don’t have to understand,” said Xia Sang, “Just know that you must be on guard around this person.”  

Listening to the frostiness of Xia Sang’s tone, Yuzhi’s heart couldn’t help but still. She gave a light humph and lowered her head without another word. 

With a solemn expression, Duan Yuhuan said, “In this Yu Residence, besides Yue Jingying whose identity we know, I fear that everyone else is not to be trusted.” 

Xuanji bit her lips and said anxiously, “The most troublesome part is that Bai Zixu knows all of our identities!”

“Madam is right,” Xia Sang nodded.

Xuanji thought for a moment and asked, “When did you know about Bai Zixu?”

She glanced at Long Fei Li and hesitated for a moment before proceeding to ask in a lowered voice, “Why didn’t you kill him?”

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