World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 87 part 1

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Hua Zhu Yu and Ji Feng Li had clashed a few rounds already. Moreover, in order to take him on, she had sent people to secretly investigate him. If he was just an average person, she would’ve found his weakness, but as of yet, she hadn’t even unearthed a single one.

His family background was extremely clean and simple. His father was a private school teacher and his mother was a woman who had worked in the fields. Both  already passed away. When Ji Feng Li had passed the Imperial Examination as a youth, there were many officials who came by with money, wine and women to curry favor, yet he remain unmoved. By the time he became the Left Chancellor, he was still the same clean-cut individual as before. He hadn’t even taken in a single concubine into his residence.

A Left Chancellor without the slightest indulgence induced a deep sense of fear within the hearts of the other officials.  

But tonight, Ji Feng Li was tangled with a brothel lady before her very eyes and was even looking at her with such a gaze. If it was said that this was his weakness, perhaps others would believe, but Hua Zhu Yu couldn’t forget the deep disgust his eyes held when he had said the word broken-sleeve. So it was absolutely inconceivable that he was one, furthermore it was impossible for him to have taken a liking to her.

It was reasonable to say that after exchanging blows with him a few times and having had him secretly investigated, she ought to know him well by now but Hua Zhu Yu still hasn’t gotten a grasp on this man. Against an opponent with such unfathomable character, she felt stuck in a state of defence. However, it wasn’t in her nature to be led by the nose by others.

She displayed a frosty smile and said, “Left Chancellor truly knows how to jest. How could Left Chancellor be interested in this servant. If the Left Chancellor truly is interested in this servant, how could you display such affection with Miss Yu Yuan  in front of this servant?”

Ji Feng Li was not in the least bit angry. On the contrary he laughed quite merrily and pointed at Hua Zhu Yu saying, “He’s angry!” his voice brimming with unspeakable indulgence.

Hua Zhu Yu trembled, nearly breaking out into goosebumps.

“If A-Yuan has nothing further to discuss, then this Chancellor shall now take his leave!” Ji Feng Li said with a faint smile as he stood with grace.

“Lord Chancellor, Yu Yuan has news to relay. Last night….” Yu Yuan strode forward, standing on her tippy toes she whispered a few words in his ears. Hua Zhu Yu stood a little far and could only vaguely hear the words, such as Chancellor Nie, servants, and so forth. It was evident that men from Nie Yuan Qiao’s residence visited this brothel. In their drunken stupor, Yu Yuan must’ve successfully fished some information.

Ji Feng Li quietly listened. His phoenix eyes slightly narrowed, flashing with brilliance in the dimly lit room. Finished speaking, Yu Yuan gave him a grudging look. Reluctant to let go, she pleaded, “If Lord Chancellor cannot grant a moment of tenderness, can A-Yuan at least give you a kiss?”

Ji Feng Li slightly tilted his head and Yu Yuan’s kiss fell on the corner of his lips. He raised his hands to lightly caress her cheek and said with a smile, “A-Yuan, I’ve let you suffer, whenever you are tired of doing this, this Chancellor shall help you find a good husband. I must leave now.”  

Three people left through the back door and got on the carriage. Hua Zhu Yu sat on one side of the carriage and Ji Feng Li on the other. Tong Shou was left to take rein of the carriage.

At this time, Ji Feng Li no longer had on that languorous appearance but rather seemed quite exhausted.  Hua Zhu Yu felt suspicious. Clearly Ji Feng Li didn’t do anything so why did he appear so tired.

Tong Shou raised the carriage curtains and looked inside. He asked in a lowered voice, “Lord Chancellor, this Yu Yuan..?” He then glanced at Hua Zhu Yu.

Reclining against the carriage seat, Ji Feng Li was kneading his forehead. Looking at Hua Zhu Yu, he smiled and said, “If you have something to say, speak. There’s no need to be cautious of Bao Er!”

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows. Ji Feng Li was addressing her way too intimately, as if she really was his male pet!

“Yu Yuan is getting more and more audacious, she cannot be kept!” Tong Shou said in a lowered voice.

“No need. We still need her assistance in spreading the word out. Moreover, it’s not worth it for us to take action!” Ji Feng Li said lightly, unperturbed.

Hua Zhu Yu knitted her brows. It turns out, up front this Yu Yuan was acting for Ji Feng Li but in fact was actually someone else’s pawn.

She believed the news Ji Feng Li was referring to involved her so she asked, “Ji Feng Li, in the end, what do you want to do?”

Ji Feng Li did not answer, only smiling in return. “This Chancellor is tired and shall take a nap. Whatever needs to be discussed can be discussed later.” Finished speaking he supported his jaw on one hand, and leaned against the couch, closing his eyes. After a moment, he appeared to have fallen fast asleep. A few strands of hair fell upon his forehead, covering half his beautiful face. His exposed brows were smooth and ink-like while his long, thick lashes cast two faint shadows upon his face. 

Realizing Ji Feng Li’s complexion was somewhat pale, she couldn’t help but be puzzled. He was fine earlier, so why the sudden exhaustion?

Along the journey back, Hua Zhu Yu was lost in her own thoughts while Ji Feng Li slept the whole way, only to awaken when they returned to the Chancellor’s Residence.

“Lord Chancellor, how was your sleep? Why were you so tired just then?” Hua Zhu Yu smiled lightly. She wanted him to explain the reason as she was quite curious.

Ji Feng Li glanced at Hua Zhu Yu and said in a tired voice,  “Since when did Bao Er begin to be so concerned for this Chancellor? It can’t be Bao Er is interested in this Chancellor and wants to be my male pet?”

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