World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 88 part 2

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“Lan Bing, bring people to investigate the Magistrate of Xuan Zhou, Wang Fu Gui,” Ji Feng Li instructed as he sat at his table. After Lan Bing withdrew, Ji Feng Li leaned back in his seat, once again staring at the map on the table.

Hua Zhu Yu silently stood in the tent. She really didn’t expect Ji Feng Li to dare submerge the Imperial Palace in floodwater. If another official was left to deal with this problem, they would surely prioritize safeguarding their official cap securely upon their heads. If it was up to her, she too would not hesitate to use the palace but this was Ji Feng Li. She really felt it was hard to accept.

It couldn’t be that he’s actually a good official? She wouldn’t believe that. He’s putting on an act isn’t he? It was possible he only wanted to display his strength and his utter disregard for the little Emperor.

In any case, he would always be a devious, vile man in her eyes!    

Ji Feng Li’s attention was fixed on the map for quite a while and it wasn’t until a long time later that his gaze shifted towards Hua Zhu Yu, as though he suddenly realized there was still another person in the tent. He kneaded his forehead, smiling gently as he said, “Bao Er, go change your clothes. Look at you, all soaking wet. Don’t let yourself catch a cold.”

Only at this time did Hua Zhu Yu realize the state she was in. But luckily the cloak she wore was quite thick and didn’t revealing anything.  

“Lord Chancellor, where can I go change?” Hua Zhu Yu looked around the tent which belonged to Ji Feng Li. They came to deal with the flood issue and she didn’t have the privilege to have a tent all to herself.  

Ji Feng Li knitted his brows, his eyes were cold and indifferent, yet a gentle smile still lingered on his lips. “You’re staying in the same tent as this Chancellor. Naturally, you will change here!”

Hua Zhu Yu had expected this reply. This trip consisted entirely of men, so if she didn’t stay with Ji Feng Li then she would have had to stay with another man anyways. Even if there were women here, she still wouldn’t be able to stay in the same tent as them.

She wrung her soaked clothes out. Seeing that Ji Feng Li was still fixated on the map, she quickly went behind the screen and took off her heavily soaked cloak. Her inner clothes didn’t fare much better, so she quickly changed out of them and put on a new set. This was the first time she’d changed so quickly in her life.

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After changing, she looked outside. Seeing Ji Feng Li still sitting at his table, she stealthily took off her hair band and used a towel to dry her hair. Her hair was so wet, if she didn’t dry them, it would be hard not to catch a cold.

The curtains of night gradually descended. The pouring rain was getting fiercer as the wind howled outside the tent.  

Hua Zhu Yu was brushing her hair when she suddenly heard  footsteps approaching. Startled, she quickly put her hair up in a bun again. Her hair was so long, if Ji Feng Li saw he would surely grow suspicious of her gender.  

“Yuan Bao,” as soon as he spoke, he had already appeared in front of her.  

Her heart pounded frantically as she raised her hand to fix her hair, trying to appear calm and collected as she asked, “Left Chancellor, why did you come?”

With a faint smile, he strode over towards the bed and took off his cloak. “Naturally it’s to change clothes. Xiao Bao Er, bring me my clothes.”

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows. He did not bring along any maidservants on this journey and saw her as his servant to boss around. She stood up and found his luggage. She took out a set of black, wide-sleeved robes and handed it to him.

Outside the tent, the sound of approaching footsteps could be heard. Hua Zhu Yu quickly went out and heard a guard inform, “Lord Chancellor, Magistrate Wang would like an audience!”

“Bring him in!” Ji Feng Li said as he stepped out.

An official wearing a cloak entered. As soon as he saw Ji Feng Li, he quickly fell to his knees. Don’t know if it’s due to the storm outside or something else but his face was exceedingly pale.

“This lowly official did not know Left Chancellor had arrived, I was late in welcoming you, I hope Left Chancellor forgives this lowly official!” Wang Fu Gui anxiously said. He either didn’t expect Ji Feng Li to personally come or he didn’t expect him to arrive this quickly.

“Wang Fu Gui, where did you come from? Just before when this Chancellor’s guards entered the city to investigate, they did not see you there directing the people out of the flood.” With his hands clasped behind his back, Ji Feng Li walked up to Wang Fu Gui and stared at him through faintly narrowed eyes.

Wang Fu Gui broke out in a cold sweat, but he didn’t dare wipe them away. He spoke with fear and trepidation in his voice, “This lowly official, this lowly official…”

“Let me ask you, how many people have died in the city?” Ji Feng Li asked carelessly, a familiar gentle smile still upon his lips.

Wang Fu Gui had heard that whenever Left Chancellor daren was angry, he would smile brilliantly. Frightened, he glimpsed up at Ji Feng Li and noticed his deepening smile.

His body was consumed in coldness as he replied in a trembling voice, “Approximately 100 people!”

“100 people?” Ji Feng Li reiterated with narrowed eyes.

Wang Fu Gui’s heart trembled violently as he replied, “200 people!!”

“Are you certain?” With his hands clasped behind his back, Ji Feng Li went over to his table and took a seat.  

“I .. I’m certain!” Wang Fu Gui said through gritted teeth, “Lord Chancellor, this lowly official has remained in the city every day, instructing the guards to reinforce the walls. This morning, this lowly official left to seek aid at a neighboring provinces. It’s just that those other officials don’t want to lend a hand, so this lowly official could only quickly return. As soon as this lowly official heard that Left Chancellor had arrived, this lowly official quickly came to seek an audience. Lord Chancellor, whatever you need done, this lowly official is here at your service and will carry out your orders to the best of my abilities.”

At this time, Lan Bing entered the tent and went up to Ji Feng Li, whispering a few words in his ears. Hearing what he had to say, Ji Feng Li’s gaze shifted towards Wang Fu Gui and flashed a bright smile. “Speaking of which this Chancellor must reward Wang Fu Gui for your hard-work and dedication to the people of Xuan Zhao.”

Moved, Wang Fu Gui kowtowed and said, “Lord Chancellor, this lowly official have no needs for reward. This lowly official didn’t do well and is willing to receive punishment.”

The smile on Ji Feng Li’s lips deepened as he carelessly said, “If Magistrate Wang doesn’t want to receive a reward , that’s up to you. If you want to be punished, that is simple too. Guards, Magistrate Wang has committed a crime, pull him out to be beheaded at once!”


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