Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 88

Upon hearing what had transpired, everyone in the room fell silent. No one could fathom that the Yu family was capable of such treachery. 

 With a wry smile, Duan Yuhuan added, “Of course, this is just Miss Yue’s conjecture, there’s no solid evidence as of yet.” 

“No wonder she wanted to snatch the embroidered ball from me. Fortunately, I didn’t end up with it,” Yuzhi said, an inkling of fear audible in her voice. 

 Qing Feng coldly chided, “See if you still dare to misbehave in the future!” 

Xuanij was also feeling troubled at heart. If she and Yuzhi hadn’t asked to go see the husband picking event, they wouldn’t have ended up in such a predicament. 

“I’m sorry,” Xuanji murmured. 

Yuzhi begrudgingly said, “I’m sorry too.” 

The imperial consort’s sudden apology was unexpected, catching everyone by surprise. 

 Long Fei Li said, “It’s alright, it was I that had made the final decision.” 

Qing Feng frowned and said, “Young Master, in order to avoid any further trouble, I think we’d better leave tonight.”

Long Zijin and the others looked at one another before looking towards Long Fei Li. Although they were all highly skilled in martial arts and there were a number of Purple Guards protecting them from the shadows, Long Fei Li was no small figure, not a single mistake could be afforded. 

 Long Fei Li’s dark gaze rested on his wrist as he spoke. “That Murong Pei seems set on getting his hands on this bead. Rather than letting him follow us on our journey, it’s best to settle things here once and for all. On the other hand, with regards to Miss Yue’s matters, Yuhuan, you should look more into it. If needed, lend her a hand. Those that died are all my(zhen) people, this pair of father and daughter must pay for their crimes in accordance with our national law.” 

Since entering Taoyuan, Long Fei Li had forgone with the imperial titles when he spoke until now. Though his voice was light, his majestic aura was as evident as can be.  

 All of them said in unison, “As you command.”

Xuanji suddenly realized something and asked, “Young Master, what you just said … this pair of father and daughter?”

Long Fei Li was holding her hand and she could feel his grip tightened. Yuzhi’s knitted her brows doubtfully when Xia Sang who had been standing beside her asked, “Young Master’s saying that there’s only one young lady in the Yu Residence?” 

 They were all skeptical when Duan Yuhuan asked, “How can that be Young Master?” 

 Long Fei Li came to his feet, his phoenix eyes peering out the window as he explained, “Besides the eldest daughter, the other eight ladies all covered their faces with a veil and did not reveal their true appearance. The husband picking events all took place in a short period of time, one after another. And afterwards the daughters all made a hasty return to their hometowns, all because they had recruited a new son-in-law, supposedly. Just based on that reasoning alone, it seems unwarranted. It’s very likely there’s only one Miss Yu in this Yu Residence.” 

Yuzhi clapped her hands together and exclaimed, “No wonder I’ve always felt it was strange that only the eldest daughter was willing to reveal her appearance.” 

The corner of Duan Yuhuan’s lips lifted as he stated, “Turns out this young miss had married herself off nine times.” 

While everyone laughed, Xuanji glanced at Long Fei Li silently. He noticed and gazed back at her, his voice deep as he asked, “What is it?” 

“You’re quite astute,” Xuanji remarked with a smile. 

 The corner of Long Fei Li’s lips lifted in a smile but moments later, he furrowed his brows. 

 There was one thing he hadn’t mentioned and it was that Murong Pei had high martial skills, and so did Murong Lin. From what he would tell, their martial arts were most likely comparable to his and like Bai Zixu, they’re target seems to be the Yu Family. It’s just still a mystery as to how these three parties were entangled.The enemy was still in the dark, while they were out in the open, to leave now would be unwise.  

This night, he feared, was going to be lurking with more danger than that night at the Nian Residence. 

Long Zijin said, “Ninth Brother, then that Bai Zixu….” 

“Let’s just observe him for the time being. The six of us shall sleep according to the room arrangements discussed this morning. Yuhuan will have his own room. The hidden guards are guarding each room but everyone should be cautious tonight, don’t fall fast asleep.” 


Deep in the night. Guest room of the Yu residence……

Leaning against the side of the window, Murong Lin gently raised her intertwined fingers and a black bird flew out from within her palm, flying into the darkness of night. 

“So? Didn’t you say that man with the phoenix eyes looked similar to your man?” Murong Pei sneered. 

“I’ve drawn a portrait of that man with the phoenix eyes and have sent it along with the black bird that’s capable of traveling over a thousand miles a day. I’ve just received his confirmation. That man wielding the silver needles is none other than the Son of Heaven himself!” Murong Lin said with a smile, a chilling glint flashing across her eyes. “Elder Brother, our business with the Yu Family, if it can be taken care of tonight, that’s great, if not, just forget it. We’ll get the secret martial arts manual that Yu father and daughter stole from Xian Yantai some other day.” 

(t/n Xian Yantai seems to be a location; it was mentioned in the first couple of chapters) 

“You should know that Xi Hai’s(Western Sea) Xian Yantai has been around for centuries, way before Xi Hai’s Dragon Palace. A thousand years ago, the Dragon Emperor Long Hao, gripped with anguish and anger from the Dragon Empress Zisu’s death, had led an army to the Celestial Heavens to kill the immortals, eradicate the gods. Xian Yantai’s marital arts is the cultivation of immortals. How can it be practiced with such filthy methods?” 

“This Yu Family only knows how to utilize such a pathetic method of using human blood to further their cultivation. Even if they have the secret manual, its of no use. It’s fine to let them live a few more days. Long Fei Li on the other hand must die tonight!”  

“Only once he’s gone can he ascend the throne. The throne was originally his to take!” 

 “Fine, Lin’er,” Murone Pei responded, his voice deep as he continued, “Elder Brother shall help you eliminate the Emperor tonight!” 

 After a moment, he furrowed his brows and said, “If the two of us work together, we can definitely take on that Long Fei Li, but there are several martial experts by his side….” 

Murong Lin sneered, “Experts? Brother, now aside from Long Fei Li, no one has the strength to defend against us. Before I stepped out to meet up with you earlier, I smeared some shi gong powder on my body. It’s colorless and tasteless. Once it disperses in the air, it’ll seep into one’s meridians in a few hours, temporarily suspending one’s martial arts.” 

(t/n shi gong= Dissipating energy/martial arts)

“During the event, before I appeared, Long Fei Li had already worn the bead. That bead is a treasure, it’s no wonder you tried all means to snatch it. That bead will block this powder from infiltrating Long Fei Li’s body. But as for the rest of them, they won’t be able to employ their martial arts tonight! That black bird I’ve just released has a message I’ve sent to our people. They’ll arrive by the third night watch. No matter how skillful the Emperor is, he won’t be able to defend against you, me and the Murong Family’s many experts!” 

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