Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 91

Swiftly turning around, Long Zijin stood protectively in front of Xuanji as his gaze landed on 3 men, dressed in black, their faces lined with a cold, ruthless expression, each one of them brandishing a weapon in hand.  

“One of them sneered, “You can’t escape, just give up.” 

He then glanced at Xuanji, his eyes flashing with a wanton look as he remarked, “This little lady is quite the looker, if you serve this master well, perhaps I’ll think about sparing your life.” 

 When Xuanji had gotten out of bed, she had changed into women’s attire, no longer dressing up as a man. 

The two accompanying men laughed aloud, exclaiming, “Old Third(Lao San), you lecherous rake.” 

At their words, Xuanji was stunned while Long Zijin was furious. He made a move, intending to release the daggers hidden within his sleeve, but very quickly to his dismay he realized he could not employ his internal energy at all. 

The three men in black exchanged glances, and the one called Old Third flashed a wicked smile as he asked, “What? Can’t use your internal energy? Seems like the shi gong powder has taken effect. Even if you’re a martial arts god, you’re nothing but dead meat now.” 

To his shock, Long Zijin finally realized he’d been poisoned. If everyone else were too, then tonight, their chances of survival were bleak! 

“Who are you?” Long Zijin asked coldly. 

“Well, you’ll soon be dead, so I’ll let you die with peace of mind.” Smirking, Old Third raised his brow and uttered, “Murong Clan.” 

 Hearing this, both Long Zijin and Xuanji were taken aback. Long Fei Li had said that he feared that the Murong siblings had brought along a large number of their people. Now it seems he was right on the dot. Suppressing the panic in her heart, Xuanji asked, “You’re here for the bead?” 

“For the bead, yes, and….to change the dynasty!” his cold voice issued, reverberating in the night air. 

“Presumptuous!” Long Zijin roared angrily. 

Xuanji’s heart tightened. He had dared to say such taboo words without hesitation, it could be seen that they had come well prepared. She feared tonight, they weren’t going to leave a soul alive! 

Long Zijin’s fists were clenched tightly. He glanced over at Xuanji, she was his ninth brother’s woman, he couldn’t let anything happen to her under his watch. He leaned towards Xuanji and in a low whisper, he instructed, “I’ll distract them, when you get the chance, immediately run! Go and inform ninth brother.” 

“But you can’t use your internal energy, can you handle them?” Xuanji asked, concern lining her face. 

The men in black were like cats lying in prey, approaching step by step, unhurried with a vicious light in their eyes. Long Zijin looked ahead, watching them cautiously as he urged Xuanji, “Remember, run for it!” 

He suddenly pulled away from Xuanji and made a run towards the group of assailants, catching them off guard.Although he couldn’t use his internal energy, he still knew how to fight, his moves swift and powerful. While they were momentarily taken aback, he was able to land his attack. 

 Gritting her teeth, Xuanji made a run for it, sprinting like crazy. 

 She ran towards the path leading back to the courtyard. There, the surrounding trees would provide a much easier cover for her to hide. She had just taken another step when a low grunt issued behind her, stopping her dead in her tracks, unable to take another step. 

Abruptly, she turned around and saw Long Zijin had been captured. His white robes had been stained a deep crimson from the blood oozing from his wound. And in that moment, the one called Old Third had his sword raised high, about to slice down towards Long Zijin’s head. 

Panicking, Xuanji’s mind raced, trying to think when suddenly an idea came to her and she quickly shouted, “Stop!” 

 Distracted, Old Third stopped in his tracks and looked in the direction of her voice. Seeing her, he gave a vile grin and ordered the other two in a hoarse voice, “Bring that woman over here. Let us brothers have a good time tonight.”

 Xuanji had already made a move and ran towards the edge of the cliff as the two men in black chased towards her. The distance between them was only but a few steps. 

Both shocked and angry at her action, Long Zijin harshly questioned, “Nian Xuanji, what are you doing back here?” 

 Xuanji gave a wry smile in return. “I also want to leave, but you’re his brother, I can’t just leave you to die.” 

 Stunned, Long Zijin couldn’t believe her feelings for Long Fei Li were that deep…. He had tried his best to distract these men so she had the chance to escape. Coming back was a foolish mistake. 

He smiled back at her bitterly. Now two lives were going to be lost here tonight. Why did she turn back? It’s fine if they were to die but he recalled Old Third’s words just now. Terror gripped him, if they had their liberties with her……

 Old Third raised a brow, his eyes full of viscous intent as he shouted, “Quickly capture her!” 

The two men in black immediately inched closer as Xuanji took a step back, the gravel beneath her feet displaced, falling into the deep darkness beneath the edge of the cliff. 

“Be careful!” Long Zijin clamored. 

On TV, whenever the characters jumped down from these cliffs, they always survived, she thought to herself…….But she couldn’t do that just yet! 

 It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t afraid. Xuanji’s heart was racing, she gritted her teeth and tried to not let her emotions show. She abruptly lifted her hand up high and sneered, “Aren’t you looking for this?” 

On her hand, a lustrous bead shone.  

Startled, Old Third and the two approaching men stopped dead in their tracks. 

Xuanji coldly said, “Didn’t Murong Pei try all he could to get his hands on this? Let him go and I’ll give you the bead. Otherwise, I’ll toss it in the sea.” 

Surprise lining their faces, the three men exchanged glances. 

 Xuanji’s heart constricted, she knew they had taken the bait. Smiling, she said, “The Yu Residence must be swarming with your people, am I right? He’s severely injured, even if he were to run from here, he would not be able to escape in the end. I just don’t want to watch him die before my eyes. If you let him leave these mountains, I’ll hand over myself along with this bead.” 

Hearing her use herself as a bargaining chip, Long Zijin was bewildered, shouting, “Nian Xuanji, you’re crazy!” 

 Xuanji ignored him and continued to stare at Old Third’s dark, solemn face. She understood that among the group, he was the leader. Seeing the hesitancy in his eyes, she smiled and continued, “Tonight, you’re all here for one main task, to kill. Everyone will kill, it’ll be hard to determine who’s earned the greatest merit, but with this bead it’ll be different, this bead is something your master desires. This bead is a treasure, perhaps you take it for yourself instead, no one will know….” 

 The two men looked towards Old Third as his eyes remained on Xuanji. Moments later, Old Third grabbed Long Zijin by his robes and thrusted him towards the path leading back to the courtyard. Seeing this, Xuanji was overwhelmed with relief, shouting, “Zijin, quickly go!” 

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