Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 92

Long Zijin stared at Xuanji, the looks of fear and reluctance plainly evident in his silent gaze. Seeing his hesitation, Xuanji shouted fiercely, “Go and find your Ninth Brother! If you don’t go find him, how are you going to answer me for today!”  

Staring hard at Xuanji, Long Zijin came to a decision at last. 

On the other side, Old Third’s expression suddenly took a turn, seemingly he had started to regret his decision. He made a move towards the path leading back to the courtyard but before he could get there in time, Long Zijin was already gone.  

Old Third’s expression grew ugly as he turned and made his way towards his two accomplices and Xuanji, exploding angrily, “Come here!” 

 Startled, Xuanji clenched her jaw and looked behind her, but there was no room left to retreat. Turning back, she saw Old Third’s hands were already outstretched towards her chest. 

Besides Long Fei Li, how could she let other people touch her! Xuanji tightly clamped her eyes shut. Trembling, she made up her mind to take a leap. But in that moment, an anguished cry punctured the still air.  Opening her eyes, she saw Old Third standing before her, his back pierced by a long sword. The cold tip of the blade was protruding from his chest as blood trickled down, pooling on the ground where he stood. 

The two men in black were momentarily stunned, their faces lined with disbelief. “How are you not affected by the shi gong powder?” 

 Xuanji looked ahead and in the pale moonlight she saw a man in white, he stood there with one hand behind his back, the other slowly withdrawing the sword from Old Third’s body. His lips were curved in a light smile as if what he had just done was nothing unusual. 

Old Third slowly collapsed on the ground, his eyes still wide open. 

Xuanji was still taken aback by the turn of events when the man suddenly made a move, leaping over to her side, his hand reaching for her waist. Faintly, he said, “Miss Nian, how can you freely give others what Zixu has given you?” 

Taken by surprise, Xuanji’s mind was filled with suspicions and she momentarily couldn’t tell if this man was actually a friend or foe. 

As the two men in black came back to their senses, they angrily exclaimed, brandishing their weapons at Bai Zixu. Brows creasing, Bai Zixu seemed somewhat annoyed by their actions and before Xuanji could even see what he had done, two more bloody corpses had hit the ground. 

This… this was the legendary kill that took less than a second?! Blood gushed from the wounds on their bodies, pooling on the cold ground. Frightened, Xuanji covered her mouth in shock but she couldn’t stop the scream that escaped her lips. 

Bai Zixu looked over at her, his expression softening as he took her into his arms, gently comforting her as he said, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t let anyone hurt you!” 

Pushing him away, Xuanji shook her head and said, “No! I don’t know you, you’re not even Bai Zixu!” 

Brows creasing slightly, Bai Zixu remained smiling as he asked, “Does it matter who I am? You just need to know that I’m the only one in this world who will treat you well.” 

Frowning, Xuanji remained silent as she looked at him warily. 

Bai Zixu proceeded to sheath his sword, his beautiful eyes remaining on her, his gaze deep and solemn. 

“We first met in the Nian Residence, then again at Jinluan Hall. I hate that I didn’t remember you until later…” 

He suddenly stopped talking, his figure flashing as he leapt in front of Xuanji. She had tried to make a run for it but her escape was seemingly futile.

“Where are you going?” he asked, displeasure audible in his voice as his dark eyes met hers. 

“I don’t know you but you saved me today and for that you have my gratitude. I shall repay you in the future,” Xuanji said. After thinking for a moment she bit her lip and said, “I’m his wife, where else can I go? If you help me save him–” 

But before she could finish, Bai Zixu interrupted her, his voice harshly cold, “Save him? He’s violated you, he’s lucky I’m letting him off today. If he doesn’t die tonight, I’ll take his life another day. Now, I just want to take you away!” 

“Who are you?” Xuanji questioned frightfully. Gritting her teeth, she slowly retreated backwards. 

Letting out a sigh, Bai Zixu approached Xuanji. She had just stepped back but his movements were swift and like a shadow, he was already standing behind her, his arms embracing her tightly. 

“Let me go, I won’t go with you!” Xuanji shouted angrily as she struggled to free herself from his grasp but this only provoked his anger and with a cold smile, he suddenly turned her over and pressed his lips roughly against hers. 

Xuanji trembled fearfully. 

The moment his lips touched hers, a piercing howl rung through the air. 

A white shadow descended from the skies, pouncing towards Bai Zixu. Fearing that Xuanji would get hurt, Bai Zixu gently pushed her back as he moved his hand, employing his internal force towards the attacking assailant. 

 But the white shadow was also swift, flying in the air as it avoided the deadly attack. 

 In a daze, Xuanji suddenly called out, “Little wolf!” 

 The white shadow made a turn and landed on the ground in front of Xuanji, its stance protective and guarded. It’s fur was white as snow, eyes blue as the deep sea with a bright, fiery gaze. 

Xuanji was overjoyed at the sight of her little wolf which had been missing for some time. Seeing it again, Xuanji realized that it had actually grown quite a bit, it was nearly the size of those grown wolves she had seen that day in the Lin Gardens. 

It stood in front of Xuanji, its fierce gaze fixed on Bai Zixu as it tightly clutched a blood-stained book within the confines of its mouth.  

Seeing this, Bai Zixu’s expression greatly changed, his eyes frosty, his voice subdued as he said, “I didn’t expect you would get your hands on Xian Yantai’s secret martial arts manual from that Yu father and daughter.” 

Seemingly, Bai Zixu knew the little wolf but the little wolf had grown up in the Lin Gardens since it was young. How could Bai Zixu possibly have seen it? Xuanji was full of doubts and suspicions when the wolf suddenly turned to look at her. 

 Its eyes ….it was like it was telling her to run!

Xuanji looked at it anxiously but it howled fiercely in return, as if in anger. Gritting her teeth, Xuanji turned around and made a run for it. 

 From the way things were, Xuanji felt Long Fei Li must surely be in danger. Though her heart ached, she didn’t dare look back, for if she did, she feared she wouldn’t be able to leave the wolf behind. Dashing towards the gate of the courtyard, she had only one thought, she must find Long Fei Li quickly! 

 Behind her, the howls of the wolf resonated through the vast mountains.

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