World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 93 part 1

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In the past, whenever Ji Feng Li handed down orders, Lan Bing would complete the task perfectly without flaw. So naturally this time was no exception either. In a span of 5 days, he had carefully selected a woman among those working at the brothels of Yu City. Lan Bing was clear that Lord Chancellor hated men who were irresponsible so he had never taken a single concubine into the Chancellor’s Residence. If Lord Chancellor didn’t fancy someone, he would never want her. But the Chancellor’s standards were exceedingly high, even the Capital’s number one talented lady Wen Wan and Third Princess Huangfu Yan were not enough to capture his attention.

Therefore, Lan Bing was especially mindful when selecting a woman for Lord Chancellor. Though the woman he chose could not be considered beautiful enough to ruin a nation, she was a striking beauty nonetheless.

The stillness of the night was as cool as water. The moon, curved like the brow of a beautiful woman, rested on the black canvas of the night sky accompanied by countless stars, glowing like the lucid eyes of a charming beauty.

In a refined yet simply decorated room, Ji Feng Li was sitting at his desk, reading a book. Outside the door, Lan Bing announced, “Lord Chancellor, the person has come. Do you want to take a look?”

Ji Feng Li lifted his gaze and sounded an assent.

With a seeming smile, Lan Bing withdrew and the woman behind him entered the room carrying a pipa. She was adorned in a light yellow embroidered dress that complemented her tender skin, making her appear delicate and graceful. She carried a calm temperament and had a pair of picturesque brows, truly a rare beauty.

As soon as she entered she quickly paid her respects to Ji Feng Li in a soft voice, “This servant,  A-Rui, greets Lord Chancellor. Would Lord Chancellor like to listen to a song or prefer to watch a dance?”

Placing the book down on the table, Ji Feng Li slowly lifted the wine cup for a taste. His dark eyes faintly swept over the woman and replied, “That’s not necessary.” Placing the cup down, he stood and went over to the bed.

The woman was slightly startled. At first, she didn’t know who her customer was, she had only heard from the Madam that he had presented a great sum of money to redeem her and have her serve him exclusively for the night.  Thrilled, she had prepared several songs in order to please her buyer. But she didn’t anticipate her customer to actually be Left Chancellor Daren.

Within the capital, how many officials tried to find ways to send women into the Chancellor’s Residence? How many young misses of Yu City aspired to be his concubine? Even in the brothels, many women dreamt of sleeping in his bed, even if it was only for a night. Yet tonight, Lord Chancellor had actually summoned her. If this news were to reach the ladies of Yu City, how many would be grieving from heartbreak? She was genuinely happy. She just didn’t expect him to not want to listen to a song or watch a dance. He had gone directly over to the bed with no prelude whatsoever.

After staying in the brothel for so long she was well aware of the things that went on between a man and a woman, so although she was in the trade to sell her skills and not her body, she wasn’t ignorant of what Lord Chancellor’s action meant. It was just that his pace was so fast it caught her off guard.

She looked at Ji Feng Li who was sitting near the window and felt that the man before her was like an exotic flower, blooming in the darkness of night. She had met countless men in her life, many of them very handsome,  however she had never seen this kind of beauty before, leaving her nervous and breathless.

She placed the pipa on the floor and lithely, step by step, approached the bed. Lifting her head, she gazed at the face before her that was so handsome it captivated her soul.

With a solemn expression, Ji Feng Li said, “What are you still standing there for? Undress!” His tone was mild as a spring breeze yet cold without a hint of feeling.

She lifted her hands to dab at the beads of sweat on her forehead and began to undress. First, her yellow skirt, then her inner white garments and finally only a red undergarment was left on her body as she silently stood in front of Ji Feng Li.

A soft light shone on her fair tender skin, slim waist, towering chest and charming curves. Her body was undoubtedly beautiful and enchanting.

Ji Feng Li’s gaze faintly swept over her body, yet not a stir of emotion flickered within his dark eyes.

Barefoot, she slowly advanced, leaning against Ji Feng Li’s body. She wrapped her arms around him and slightly opened her mouth to tug at the jade waist band. Though she was nervous, she did not forgo these flirtatious advances. With the fall of his waistband, his robes completely loosened, falling to the floor.

An unknown light flashed in his phoenix eyes and he leaned back against the bed. Following him like a shadow, she leaned down and kissed his ankles, and continued to kiss him, inching slightly higher each time.

Leaning on the bed, he felt those soft lips on his thighs. The warmth and softness of those lips made him recall the lips of another. Those lips were softer and hotter than these before him now, like spring petals gently falling on his lips, forcing blood into his mouth. At first he thought it was medicine, but after inadvertently overhearing that person tell the furen to feed the child her blood, he was finally able to piece everything together. The mystery smell that permeated the room that night was in fact the scent of blood, more specifically it was that person’s blood.

That person used his own blood to save him!

After kissing him for a while, the woman did not sense any reaction from Ji Feng Li so she lifted her head up to look at him. At this time she realized that though those eyes were clearly staring at her, they were actually gazing through her, to somewhere far off. Her eyes became tinged with sadness and she extended her pale legs to press up against his. With a charming looking, she called his name in a sweet, innocent voice, “Lord Chancellor.”

He looked down at the woman before him but his mind was occupied by images of another. He was recalling the night they were both naked and fighting in the lake when the woman before him leaned in and landed a kiss on his chest.

His eyes were unfathomable while his lips hooked in a faint smile. Under the soft light, his smile was especially languid. His slender fingers reached out to caress the fair cheeks of the woman in front of him. His hands slowly slid down the curves of her face to fall on her neck. Finding the straps of her undergarment, he untied them and like a delicate red petal, it slowly fell to the floor.

Although her towering chest was there before his eyes, the only image he saw was of that person that night in the lake. At that time that person had quickly retreated back into the lake when he appeared. If only that person had a bountiful chest like the one in front of him now but unfortunately that person’s chest was quite flat.

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