World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 93 part 2

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Startled by his train of thoughts, Ji Feng Li’s eyes darkened and he felt unreasonably irritated. Abruptly, he stood and grabbed the woman’s wrist, flipping her over and pressing her under him. He lightly stroked her chest, kneading them. Under his touch, her body trembled and her breath quickened, exhaling in his ears. The more she gazed at the man before her, the more she felt enticed, unable to extricate herself.

Their breathing gradually grew heavy as Ji Feng Li lightly kissed her collarbone before making his way lower on her body.  

Her red lips tenderly kissed along his cheeks and moved towards his lips. When her lips met his, the soft touch made Ji Feng Li suddenly freeze. Then he pressed her down, his eyes brimming with ambiguous desire yet the words he spoke were inconsistent, “Withdraw!”

The young woman was startled but her snow white hands flew out to cling to his neck, sweetly saying, “Lord Chancellor, …… let A-Rui serve you tonight. Lord Chancellor, don’t make A-Rui leave.” Her voice was tinged with grievance and sadness. She didn’t understand, clearly Lord Chancellor was moved, why did he suddenly stop?


These few days, Ji Feng Li was very busy. She heard that he was preoccupied with preparing for the martial exam so Hua Zhu Yu had not seen him recently. She had played with Qing Lian for a few days now and had decided it was time to return it. Moreover, she wanted the opportunity to convince him to let her work and follow him to court. Remaining inside this Chancellor’s Residence had completely cut off her contact from the outside.

Carrying the qin, she headed for Feng Yuan and saw Lan Bing pacing back and forth at the door. When he saw her he asked, “Yuan Bao, why did you come?” He quickly went up to her and blocked her way; his handsome face was full of vigilance.

Hua Zhu Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “I came to return the qin, not to assassinate Lord Chancellor, what are you so nervous about?”

Seeing her laugh, he was stumped for words. Then suddenly he pointed at her face, saying “You, you really…” He tried his best to restrain himself, to not spout the word ‘evildoer.’ A man born with such a beautiful face, if he wasn’t an evil-doer then what was he? Thinking back to what happened the other day at the pavilion, it suddenly dawned on him and he wondered if Lord Chancellor wanted to find a female companion because of Yuan Bao.  

“What about me?” Hua Zhu Yu asked with knitted brows.  

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“Nothing. Wait out here for a moment, I’ll go make an announcement first!” Lan Bing said before entering Feng Yuan. He walked around the courtyard and then came back out. Naturally, he didn’t make an announcement. He wanted to let this broken-sleeve Yuan see Lord Chancellor seeking pleasure so that he would understand that Lord Chancellor was fond of women and thus squash any wild fantasies he may have.

After a moment, Lan Bing reappeared in front of her and with a smile said, “You can enter, Lord Chancellor is waiting for you inside the bedchamber.”

Hua Zhu Yu furrowed her brows, “Bedchamber? Lord Chancellor is sleeping?”

Lan Bing smiled, “No, no, he’s still awake reading a book. Yuan Bao, you’re a man not a woman, what’s there to be concerned about with entering Lord Chancellor’s bedchambers?”

Hua Zhu Yu smiled and replied, “I only fear I’d bother Lord Chancellor!” Finished speaking, she pushed open the door and entered carrying the qin.

The spacious room was lit with only a small lantern, giving off a quiet, faint glow. Hua Zhu Yu was contemplating if she should retreat when she recalled Lan Bing’s words. At the moment, her current identity was that of a man. If she was too cautious, would that draw suspicion to her identity? Thinking up to here, she decided to slowly continue forward.

“Lord Chancellor, this subordinate is here to return Qing Lian.” Her voice resonated in the dimly lit room. But once her words were spoken, she immediately froze in place.

Heartbroken just moments ago from her dismissal by Ji Feng Li, the young woman was ecstatic again when his hand suddenly tightened on her waist, pulling her back into his embrace. She wondered if he had regretted his decision as she took the opportunity to cling to him, encircling her arms around his neck.  

Shocked by the scene before her eyes, Hua Zhu Yu stood frozen in place. Ji Feng Li was leaning against the bed with a naked woman resting on his chest.Under the faint lighting and ambiguous air, the two people were in each other’s embrace. No matter how one looked at it, there was only one conclusion to draw from such a scene.

She held back the curses for Lan Bing and plastered a bright smile on her face, saying, “Lord Chancellor, please continue, this subordinate shall withdraw first.”

She placed the qin on the ground and turned around to leave in a hurry.

“Wait!” Ji Feng Li’s leisurely voice sounded from the bed. “Do you want to destroy the qin by leaving it there?”

Hua Zhu Yu knitted her brows. Since he was shameless enough to expose such a scene then there was no reason she should be embarrassed. She picked up the qin and carried it inside, placing it on a table near the bed. “Is this place fine then Lord Chancellor?”  

Not sparing her a glance, Ji Feng Li smiled and said, “Um, put it there. Yuan Bao, take a seat; this Chancellor has matters to discuss with you.”

Hua Zhu Yu was slightly startled. Honestly, she didn’t want to continue witnessing this scene before her but since the master had spoken, she couldn’t refuse.

Hua Zhu Yu took a seat at the table and rested her chin on her hand, appearing somewhat bored.

Ji Feng Li’s gaze swept pass the head of the woman in his arms, faintly glancing at the person that just sat down. Just moments ago when he entered, Ji Feng Li had the strangest impulse to push the woman in his arms away.


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