Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 94

All eyes were fixed on them. 

Long Fei Li enclosed her in his arms so tightly that her chest began to hurt being pressed against his. Yet despite the pain, her heart swelled with joy as she thought that he indeed cared for her. But quickly thereafter her heart sank as she reminded herself that though he cared for her, he only had Ruyi in his heart. 

Just Ruyi. 

The arms that were raised to wrap around his waist slowly lowered, falling to her side. 

Abruptly, several shadows leapt through the air and landed on the ground. 

“Elder martial brothers, elder martial sisters!” Yuzhi called out to them, her voice full of surprise. 

Seeing the new arrivals, Qing Feng knitted his brows suspiciously and was about to say something when Xia Sang, who was standing beside him, gently pulled on his sleeve. 

There were about five to six new arrivals, and while everyone was still doubtful of their identities, they went to Long Fei Li’s side and paid respects. “Your Majesty,” they addressed in unison. 

Xuanji moved in Long Fei Li’s arms to get a better view of the surrounding situation. When she was nestled in his embrace, she could not see anything given that he was much taller than she was and his body had obscured her line of sight. But now that she saw all the people that were here….her face flushed in embarrassment. She quickly pushed away from Long Fei Li, trying to place some distance between them. But despite her efforts, he did not budge so in the end she could only give in. 

 Phoenix eyes raised, Long Fei Li said, “Martial elder brothers and sisters, tonight Long Fei Li will have to depend on your assistance.” 

 “Your Majesty, please don’t say that. Whether it’s a state or private matter, Mingjian Manor will not shrink from its duty. Fortunately there were a group of martial brothers and sisters nearby. Once we saw Your Majesty’s warning fireworks, we came as fast as we could,” a man said with a beaming grin. 

Long Fei Li eyes shifted towards the Murong siblings. He faintly said, “It seems I will not be dying tonight, but if not I, who do you think shall?” 

The Murong siblings were in disbelief at the sudden change of events. Though they could fight against Long Fei Li, now there were also people from Mingjian Manor assisting him. Mingjian Manor was well-known for having experts that were highly skilled in martial arts. Five of their men may not even be able to defend against one expert from Mingjian Manor. The situation had turned around, it was no longer in their favor. They weren’t going to let the Murong clan be extinguished here tonight! With that thought in mind, Murong Lin gritted her teeth. But an idea suddenly came to mind as the corner of her lips upturned and she casted a meaningful look towards Murong Pei. In the next instant, she raised her hand and several figures instantly leaped in the air. The Murong clan members had all retreated. 

The man that had spoken to Long Fei Li made a move to give chase but Long Fei Li waved his hand to stop him as he gazed at Murong Lin, a frosty smile upon his lips. 

Murong Lin returned his gaze calmly, casting a charming smile his way as she questioned, “Your Majesty, did you really think this was the end?” 

Xuanji froze at her elusive words. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the change in expression on Long Fei Li’s face. But before she could react, she could only hear Qing Feng’s low groan ringing in her ear. In the next instant, Murong Pei was already leaping through the air as he was holding someone hostage. 

It was Ruyi! 

Murong Pei has broken into the Purple Guard’s encirclement and taken Ruyi captive. 

The quick succession of events had left Xuanji in a daze. As she stood there, she suddenly felt the grip on her waist loosened as she saw his white shadow flashing in the next instant. 

Long Fei Li had quickly given chase in the direction the Murong siblings were escaping. 

Seeing this, Xuanji could only faintly smile.

Once she recollected herself, Xuanji followed the group and chased after Long Fei Li. 

As she ran, a small hand suddenly wrapped around her waist and by her ear she could hear Yuzhi’s clear voice full of worry as she asked,  “Sister-in-law, are you alright? Just now, hearing what tenth brother said, it nearly scared me to death.” 

Xuanji patted Yuzhi’s hand and reassured her with a smile, shaking her head to tell her that she was alright. 

In the same moment, Qing Feng’s low voice could be heard as he asked, “Xia Sang, those people are not from Mingjian Manor, who are they exactly?” 

Running in front of Duan Yuhuan, Yue Jingying looked back and smilingly said, “They’re from the Yamen.” 

Despite his pale complexion, Xia Sang said with a light smile, “Did you think we rushed in just for fun when the Emperor and Murong Pei were fighting? The Emperor had given me a sign and so I deliberately took a strike from Murong Lin’s sword in order to receive the Emperor’s instructions and quickly pass it along to Miss Yue.”

Like Qing Feng, Duan Yuhuan suddenly came to a realization and said, “Fortunately, the people from the Yamen that came with Miss Yue hadn’t all made an appearance, some had been lying in ambush nearby. The Emperor’s trick to deceive the enemy is risky yet brilliant.” 

Yuzhi clapped her hands and asked, “Isn’t Yuzhi so clever?”

With a long face, Qing Feng coldly replied, “That’s only because Xia Sang told you beforehand.” 

Pursing her lips, Yuzhi said, “In short, my ninth brother is brilliant and Yuzhi is clever.”

Brows creasing, Xia Sang worriedly remarked, “But now they’ve taken Ruyi gugu hostage, it’ll be…..troublesome.” 

Apart from Yue Jingying and Yuzhi, who here didn’t know what Ruyi meant to the Emperor? 

Everyone’s spirits fell. If Murong Lin were to threaten Long Fei Li with Ruyi……

At that thought, no one dared to dally as they all hastened to catch up to Long Fei Li. 

He indeed was brilliant. It seems no matter how precarious the situation was, he was always able to find a way to turn it around. He was a man where all the attention was solely directed. A man like that had never belonged to her in the first place, Xuanji thought as she subconsciously glanced beside her at Long Zijin. He had remained quiet this whole time, his brows tightly furrowed as he had sustained a serious leg injury, requiring the aid of a Purple Guard to keep moving. 

“Don’t worry, it will be alright. Your ninth brother won’t let anything happen to her, ” Xuanji reassured him in a low whisper.

Long Zijin looked at her and smiled. Just as he was about to say something, her purple figure had already rushed to the front of the group. 


Little did Xuanji expect to find herself back at the cliff where the sound of the waves crashing against the rocky bottoms could be heard, making one’s heart shudder in fear. 

The Murong siblings had made their way towards the edge of the cliff. Ruyi had been turned over to Murong Lin and Murong Pei was standing beside them with his sword in hand, his eyes flashing with a cold viciousness. 

Long Fei Li was standing ten steps away, a solemn expression upon his face. 

As Xuanji watched, she couldn’t help but silently lament in her heart. Long Fei Li was standing there, his people all behind him but the most important person of all was in the hands of the opposing party. 

Murong Lin raised a brow and sneered, “Your Majesty, don’t take another step, this sword of mine has no eyes.” 

With an intense gaze directly towards them, Long Fei Li said in a low voice, “State your terms.”

“You truly are the monarch of a country, you don’t waste time and just get right to it.” Murong Lin and Murong Pei exchanged glances before Murong Lin continued, her eyes flashing wickedly as she sneered, “Your Majesty, my first condition is your right arm. If you don’t agree, I’ll simply cut off your woman’s right arm in exchange.” 

A wave of shock swept through everyone upon hearing her request. Qing Feng quickly exclaimed, “Elder martial brother, you mustn’t!” 

Ruyi was also appalled by Murong Lin’s terms as she shook her head and yelled, “Your Majesty, don’t! If you listen to her, Ruyi will hate you forever!”

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