World of Hidden Phoenixes

Chapter 97 part 1

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Purple robes, purple eyes, purple hair.

Purple hair?

Hua Zhu Yu was shocked to see the hair flowing behind Xiao Yin was such a magnificent purple, cascading behind him like a waterfall. The purple shone shockingly beneath the evening sun making his face look surprisingly cold.

Xiao Yin’s hair had always been black, how did it suddenly turn purple?

He felt like a stranger to her with his purple hair. His imposing manner made her feel slightly apprehensive. Just his aura alone was enough to put pressure on the troops, never-mind the impressive army of thousands behind him.

Xiao Yin didn’t seem to notice Hua Zhu Yu as she watched him from the city gate towers.

With a cold smirk playing on his lips, his gaze was fixed on Ji Feng Li.

With a sudden lift of his hand, the clamoring of the drums and horns immediately came to a halt. An uncanny stillness enveloped the heavens and earth, leaving only the sad shrill of the beating wind to be heard.

The last touches of the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, heralding twilight. Shining in the eyes of the troops was a murderous gaze that left the air stifling.

Hua Zhu Yu was no stranger to this kind of scene but she had never felt the tension run as high as it did today. The main reason being that she wasn’t facing the army of Western Liang but that of Northern Kingdom, led by Xiao Yin, the man who once claimed that he loved her and would forever protect her.

Xiao Yin didn’t immediately give orders to attack but callously shouted, “Ji Feng Li, since you’ve arrived, don’t retreat and hide, send your men into battle!”

With hands clasped behind his back, standing straight and tall, Ji Feng Li displayed a haughty, uninhibited manner as the sleeves of his white robes danced in the wind. His phoenix eyes, which seemed to contain everything within grasp, shone with a brilliant gleam. With a faint smile, he said, “Northern Emperor has quite the imposing presence. This Chancellor truly doesn’t know who should be sent that can defeat you. How about I just send him?”

Ji Feng Li did not exert himself but Xiao Yin could still clearly hear his every word.

Hua Zhu Yu was suddenly caught by surprise when she finally realized that the “he” Ji Feng Li referred to was actually her.

Xiao Yin followed the direction Ji Feng Li pointed and looked at Hua Zhu Yu. After giving her a cursory glance he tossed his head back laughing, a chilling laughter brimming with derision and disdain. “Left Chancellor daren, is Southern Kingdom running out of officers to actually consider sending a tiny soldier to face the enemy head on? You are greatly underestimating my Northern Army!”

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Hua Zhu Yu knew Ji Feng Li didn’t really intend for her to fight, but had only mentioned her to draw Xiao Yin’s attention to her. He was certain that she was one of Xiao Yin’s people. If he were to let her go, wasn’t it equivalent to handing her back?

But what Hua Zhu Yu didn’t expect was to hear such words from Xiao Yin. It was as though he didn’t know her at all.

Ji Feng Li was slightly caught off guard by the response he received. He turned back around and coldly gazed at Hua Zhu Yu, saying, “Little did I expect for the Northern Emperor to pretend not to recognize you. Does he actually think this Chancellor will set you free if he does that?”

Smiling, she replied, “Lord Chancellor, please let me go face the enemy head on! I’m not a spy sent by Northern Kingdom. I’m of Southern Kingdom descent. If you don’t trust me and think that I’ll escape, you can just shoot me down with an arrow.” She had decided she must meet Xiao Yin no matter what. She must know why he was waging this war. If… if by any chance it was because of her, then wouldn’t she be the sinner of the century? She had to convince him to withdraw his troops and put an end to this war.

Ji Feng Li gazed at her, before finally saying, “Fine! This Chancellor shall let you see him, but if you plan to escape, it won’t be easy.”

Hua Zhu Yu was escorted to the city gates by a group of soldiers with Tang Yu and Nangong Jue on each side.

Hua Zhu Yu was aware of their strength, especially Tang Yu ,who came from Tang Men, was well adept in the art of poison. If she were to escape, even without Ji Feng Li making a move, these two would definitely try to stop her. However, Ji Feng Li still underestimated her abilities. If she truly wanted to escape, these two wouldn’t be able to stop her. But she had no plans of escaping. For Southern Kingdom, her Hua Family had risked their lives for many years on the battlefield, if not for the court then it was for the common people. Although her father was convicted of treason, she still believed in his innocence. And she definitely would never betray her own kingdom.

At the city gates of Su Zhou, she mounted a horse and rode out. Tang Yu and Nangong Jue closely followed behind,  one on the left and one on the right. The thundering of hooves split the silence, pounding urgently like her heart.


Step by step.

Leaving the city gates, passing through the heavy evening mist, she was finally getting closer to Xiao Yin and could see his face beneath the Northern Kingdom flag.

But the Xiao Yin before her was unfamiliar to her eyes.

It wasn’t because of the purple hair but rather those frosty eyes of his and that chilling stern expression he wore. He was dressed in a dazzling, royal purple Northern Kingdom robe with a golden coiled dragon with glaring eyes and sharp talons embroidered on the front.  Accompanied by Xiao Yin’s commanding aura, anyone could feel his pressure.

From head to toe he had the disposition of a ruling monarch.

For some unknown reason, Hua Zhu Yu felt a strange uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of her heart.

She reined in the horse and looked up at him, only to meet his sharp, scrutinizing gaze which seemed to pierce straight through her.

With those deep purple eyes he stared at her, void any inkling of affection. Only a bone-chilling callousness could be seen. Xiao Yin flashed her a smile but that smile was laced with murderous intent as he said, “I didn’t expect Ji Feng Li to actually send a small soldier over. If you’re courting death then this Emperor shall fulfill your wish!”

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I kinda felt bad uploading this chapter cuz i knew everyone was hoping for a sweet reunion but that’s not what we got. Author-sama is so mean sometimes????


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