Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 97

But it shouldn’t be like this. She loved him, even if she were to forget everything, everyone else, she shouldn’t hate him.

Otherwise, why would she disclose the real location of the Bai Family’s descendant the moment she jumped off the cliff. 

That being said, why had she lied to him in the first place? Why did she lead him to Leyang Prefecture? An idea began to materialize in his head but he suddenly did not want to continue his train of thought, as if frightened of the answer he would come upon. 

He gazed at Xuanji on the bed, wrapped tightly in her blanket, revealing only a head of messy hair. After a while, she lifted her head and lowered the blanket slightly, revealing the thick bandages around her shoulder. Murong Lin’s stab had not been light. Gazing at her wound, he recalled how he had pushed her to the ground twice back at the cliff and his heart throbbed painfully.  

For his sake, what had she done? 

In return, how had he treated her? 

Unable to reign in his emotions, he strode over to the bed, pulling her into his arms.

Tightly embraced, Xuanji’s wound throbbed painfully and she angrily said, “Let go, it hurts.” 

Hearing she was in pain, Long Fei Li’s heart gripped with concern. He sat down and gently positioned his arms around her and said, “There’s no good medicine here. Xiao Qi, be good and endure it for the meantime. I(zhen) will head out tomorrow and look for tenth younger brother and the others. Afterwards, I’ll take you back to the palace for treatment.” 

He was never the type of person who would say comforting words, but today he had actually said ‘Xiao Qi be good’. Listening to himself, even he was slightly taken aback. 

Xuanji frowned slightly. Though she couldn’t remember well, she had not forgotten her common sense. Suspicious, she asked, “Zhen? Zhen is how the emperor addresses himself.” 

 Long Fei Li’s heart tugged painfully, he had never felt such an emotion before … He had seen and dealt with all kinds of people in court. Without clear judgement, he would not have survived thus far. The moment Xuanji had awoken, he had suspected that perhaps she was pretending to have lost her memory. But looking at her now, his last sliver of hope was gone for good. 

She truly had forgotten, forgotten the times they’ve spent together, a time though short, had long been engraved in his heart. 

Her love, her hatred, all those feelings she had for him had been forsaken the moment she had taken that dive. 

Now, only fear and disgust were all that remained. 

As he came to this realization, a sudden thought came to mind. If she hated him, he would be fine, at least that proved that she still had him in her heart, but if she hated him to the bone, then perhaps it was better for her to lose her memory, at least then they can have a fresh start. 

 It’s been so long since he had been afraid of anything, and now his mind was racing, he couldn’t stop trembling. 

 Even when Ruyi had been captured, he had not been this anxious. 

 A weak jolt against his chest stirred him from his thoughts. His eyes focused on her small hand that was pushing him away, making his heart throb. 

 In that moment, he wished he could just integrate her body against his, but with her injury, he couldn’t help but move cautiously even when hugging her. 

 Trying with all his might, he suppressed the displeasure in his heart and said through gritted teeth, “Xiao Qi, don’t push me away.” 

She had never cared whether he was the Emperor or not, she had talked back to him, even had the nerve to hit him. She was his Xiao Qi. 

Listening to the suppressed anger in his low voice, Xuanji frowned and said, “Hey, you’re not going to hit me right? Anyways, I don’t think I’m your wife so don’t touch me.” 

“You are!”

His voice was heavy, his brows curved in anger. There was no way she could shake him off, given his strength. With her shoulder aching, she became increasingly agitated and angrily shouted, “I hate you! How can you be my husband? You think you can cheat me? I remember who he is and he’s not you!” 

Stunned, Long Fei Li stared at her silently, then asked, “Who is he?” 

 “What’s your name?” Xuanji asked in return. 

 Recalling how Xuanji never paid much attention to formalities and addressed him by his name, Long Fei Li painfully said in a tight voice, “Long Fei Li.” 

“See, it’s not you!” Xuanji said. “His name seems to be Lin Sheng and he’s very handsome I believe. There’s also Zhui Zhui and Yuhuan. These are the three names that I remember.” 

 After a moment of contemplation, she added, “Though I can’t quite remember what they look like, one day when I meet them I will surely remember. Zhui Zhui and Yuhuan are females and Lin Sheng is male. I only recall this man. I think he must be a very important person to me. He must be my husband.” 

Lin Sheng! Lin Sheng! It’s Lin Sheng again! When he accompanied her back to the Nian Residence, he had heard her mention this name, her eyes had been beaming with nostalgia. Now she had lost her memory yet she still recalled this man!

Who was Lin Sheng? Was he someone she had loved before she got married? 

Had that man ever held her in his arms? Kiss her? Had she treated that man the same way she treated him? 

She said that Lin Sheng was her husband. Then where did that leave him? What was he, the one who had married her as an Imperial Consort, the one that had made her his woman? 

No! She can only have him in her heart, there can’t be another man! 

He won’t allow it!

Abruptly, a surge of internal force swept across the room, knocking the tea set on the table to the floor with a loud crash as it broke into pieces. 

Witnessing what had happened and seeing the fierce expression on the man’s face, Xuanji let out a fearful scream and shrunk back towards the edge of the bed, putting distance between the two of them. 

Wordlessly, Long Fei Li moved towards Xuanji and pulled her back towards him, positioning her to sit on his lap. He grabbed her chin and leaned forward, his lips seizing hers abruptly. 

His kiss was forceful, she nearly could not breathe. She could tell he was trying to make a point, declaring that she was his. Though she did not have much of an impression of this man at first, she couldn’t deny there was a sense of familiarity in his touch. Looking into his eyes, she could vaguely even read what was on his mind. 

But she didn’t want him to touch her!

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