Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Chapter 99

A surprised expression surfaced on Song Ni’s face as if she suddenly realized something and said, “A’Ni is really ignorant, Young Master and Madam must be hungry, please go ahead and have your meal. A’Ni shall withdraw first.”

Heading towards the door, Song Ni was just about to leave when Long Fei Li suddenly called out her name. 

She halted in her steps. Turning around, her smile was glowing as she answered expectantly, “Yes, Young Master.” 

Taking in this scene in the background, Xuanji merely scoffed. 

“Miss, can you help find some clothes for my wife to change into?” Long Fei Li asked. 

Hearing this, Xuanji’s face flushed, her hands reaching to cover the areas where her clothes had been torn. 

Song Ni’s smile faltered slightly as she replied, “Oh, alright, A’Ni will bring some over in a little while.”

“Take this,” Long Fei Li said as he extended his hand.  

Seeing that it was a gold ingot, Song Ni was taken by surprise. This was the first time she had seen an ingot of gold of such size. This Young Master Long was so generous with money she thought. No wonder her father had said he wasn’t only wealthy but also noble. 

Though this fishing village wasn’t small, she had never seen such a handsome man before. In the past, she had thought the man that had been pursuing her, Shui Sheng, was already considered handsome. He was even the object of admiration of many girls in the village, but now it seems….

She was still lost in thought when suddenly her hand felt cold. Long Fei Li had placed the gold ingot in her palm and expressed his gratitude before quickly closing the door. 

Lovely is the maiden, a well suited bride for a gentleman,” Xuanji remarked.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Long Fei Li rebuked in a low voice. 

“You don’t like her?” Xuanji asked. “Or are your other concubines even more beautiful?” 

In a lowered voice, Long Fei Li interrupted, “I’ve already said I don’t like them.” 

“See, I knew you must have many wives,” Xuanji said, an all knowing expression upon her face. 

Long Fei Li clenched his jaw. Even without her memories, she could still push his buttons but now he couldn’t even lash out his anger.  


The dishes that had been brought over were all very ample and fancy, mostly consisting of seafood dishes. There were even some that were especially great for wound healing.

 Xuanji picked up her chopsticks with her right hand but to her dismay, her grasp was unsteady due to her injury. With a deng, the chopsticks fell to the floor. 

Seeing this, Long Fei Li’s brows furrowed, his eyes glowered with a chilling light as he picked up his chopsticks. 

Xuanji noticed this and asked out of curiosity, “What are you angry about?” 

“What the Murong clan has done to you, I will definitely make them pay by two-folds,” Long Fei Li vowed. 

Hearing the murderous undertone in his voice, Xuanji was inexplicably startled but then he suddenly pulled her towards him. 

“What are you doing?” she asked. 

“Let me,” he said. 

Xuanji suddenly realized that he wanted to feed her and felt a little embarrassed. But she wasn’t left handed so she could only reluctantly comply. 

“Hey, the soup got in my nose.”

“I don’t want to eat fish, I want some vegetables.”

“I said I didn’t want fish… Ah, there’s bone in them.”

“Spit it out then!” he retorted, exasperated. 

“You’re going too fast, so I accidentally swallowed it, Long….hey, what’s your name?” 

“Long Fei Li,” he replied, his voice audible tight. 

“Long Fei Li, if you’re going to feed me fish, pick out the bones first or else I only want the vegetables.” 


After she was done eating, Xuanji glanced at her ‘husband’ and felt somewhat guilty. From his rushed, clumsy movements, she could tell he had never fed anyone in his entire life. But he seemed quite content waiting on her to finish her meal before he began to eat what was leftover. 

Seeing the woman resting her cheeks in her hand staring at him, Long Fei Li asked, “Xiao Qi, did you want to eat some more?” 

Xuanji quickly shook her head. Just now he had already piled her mouth full with food, how could she have the appetite to eat anymore. “I’m full, I’ll just watch you eat. Hmm, although you are detestable, you do look quite handsome when you eat.” 

Long Fei was startled by her sudden compliment, a shade of red colored his face.  

Xuanji continued to watch as he ate. She had eaten most of the meat and vegetables but that didn’t seem to bother him. He finished two bowls of rice with a seeming smile in his eye when he glanced at her that she didn’t quite understand. 

What a strange man indeed, she thought. She was right in her decision to run away.

After the meal, she began to clean up the table but he stopped her and said, “Let me.” 

Xuanji complied and leisurely followed behind him to the kitchen to wash up. 

She didn’t know how other people with amnesia were but she felt as if there was something amiss with herself. Apart from the initial confusion when she woke up, she had readily adapted to her surroundings. Doesn’t it feel as if she has too easily accepted her fate? 

Although that handsome man claimed to be her husband, and she did seem to be quite familiar with him, she didn’t want to inquire about their past, nor did she care about why she was injured in the first place….as for him, he didn’t seem to want to discuss their past either.  

Ultimately though, she was set in her decision to leave this place. She needed to find Lin Sheng and she had this inkling that she was going to see him soon. 

From the small kitchen, a clattering sound echoed. 

Frowning, Xuanji took a step inside. 

 What came into view was that handsome man’s face and a big old mess on the ground. Sighing, she said, “Hey, rich boy, get out, I’ll wash them.” 


“No? If you wash the dishes again, we’ll have no dishes left to return to them.” 

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve already paid them enough money to cover the expenses. So it’s fine even if I break a few more.” 

“If you break anymore then they’ll all be broken so what’s the point of doing the dishes?” 

 “Didn’t you want them washed?” 


She wanted to wash them, but he refused. He wanted to break them, but she refused. Ultimately, she ended up instructing him how to wash the dishes properly and clean up the floor and table. With a long sigh, Xuanji thought that this man really didn’t know any basic life-skills. Good grief, instructing him on the side was even more exhausting than doing the task herself. 

But Long Fei Li on the other hand seemed quite content as if he had accomplished something great. 

 Rolling her eyes, Xuanji remarked, “Weirdo.” 

 Long Fei Li reached for her and whispered, “Xiao Qi, I’m very happy.” 

His long, narrowed eyes were glimmering brightly and as she met his gaze, she was slightly stumped for words as a sudden thought crossed her mind, that he was rarely ever happy as he was now.

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