Love in Another Life: My Gentle Tyrant

Author: Mo Wu Bi Ge

Total Chapters: 513

Categories: Angst, Reincarnation, Politics, Romance, Tragedy, Historical, Mature, Fantasy

Chinese Raw source: link

Vietnamese Source: link

Translation Status: Ongoing

Translator: PBG8695

Description from NovelUpdates:

He is Xi Liang’s legendary emperor: a decisive and ruthless king; a man of supreme wisdom; a cunning strategist.

According to legend, he once conferred the love meant for the three thousand concubines in his harem onto one woman, while the world watched in envy.

According to legend, he once executed a hundred people for her, turning the palace into a purgatory overnight.

According to legend, he ultimately sentenced that same woman to death by execution…

A conspiracy that swept through the country resulted in her tragic end. This lifetime seems to be a repeat of her past life. Can she escape the clutches of fate to attain true love in this life? In both lives, she was the Emperor’s wife, but is that ruthless man really her true love mandated by Heaven?

Did she really die, just like that?

In the end, beyond the veil of lies and mysteries, who exactly was she? Was she a woman that he truly loved, or was she merely a chess piece to be used in his political machinations?

The stories passed onto later generations remain fraught with conflicting opinions.


Hello Readers!

I’ve noticed that this novel hasn’t been updated in a while and may possibly been dropped so I have decided to pick this up! As ya’ll know, I was thinking of picking up this novel a long time ago, but seeing that someone else had already picked it up I was going to focus my next translation project on Who Gets the World. However, seeing this novel was seemingly dropped, my interest to translate it grew.

I first got to know this novel a couple of years back when Cathartic City had translated it and her beautiful translation truly blew me away. I honestly felt that it was her translation that truly made the novel and the characters shine because when I went to read the Vietnamese raws (which were translated mostly word for word from the Chinese raws), it was definitely not on the same level. Cathartic City translated the novel with a very sentimental and slightly heavy tone which was fitting for an angsty novel. But from the Vietnamese raws, I noticed there were also some light moments in the novel, especially in regards to the female lead who’s from modern times and talks about those experiences while in this historical setting.

I’ve decided to pick up the novel where Cathartic City had left off, so on Chapter 41 because I had already started translating some of it some time ago. In addition, I wanted to stay true to the story and translate it word for word instead of summarizing parts. Of course, if I do this, the translation will certainly take longer and as ya’ll already know, I’m a slow translator. But I will try my best and since it’s mostly centered around romance, perhaps I might be faster. I always find myself translating romantics scenes so much quicker than fighting or wars scenes which tend to draggg on forever.

Anyways, I will be picking up at Chapter 41 (which is Ch 158 in the novel). Since Cathartic City had started this translation and had combined the chapters, the chapter counts are a little off but I’ll keep everyone informed on which chapter I’m really at in the novel as I translate. Also, note that Lissuland has already translated the chapters 41-59 so if you want to read ahead, you can find her translations on Novelupdates.



I do not own any copyright to this novel. All translations are fan-based. There is no intent to infringe on copyrights!



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