Qie Shi Tian Xia (Who Gets the World)

Author: Qing Ling Yue

Total Chapters: 55

Category: Wuxia, Historical, Romance, War

Chinese Raw Source: version 1 version 2

Vietnamese Source: link

Translation Status: Ongoing

Translator: PBG8695

Description from NovelUpdates:

Legend has it that two experts left a half-finished chess game on the hilltop of eastern dynasty’s number one mountain called “King Mountain”. A few sentences are left on the board at a time when the eastern dynasty is experiencing turmoil, chaos and instability.

A woman dressed in a simple white robe like the snowy moon, praised as having “unsurpassable grace,” also happens to be one who acts and speaks freely, wild like the wind, such a person is praised and respected by the rest of the martial arts world (wulin). How is she to be “Carefree as the Wind” in such a wrecked and chaotic time?

A man who is completely opposite, dressed by the dark moon. He is graceful and honorable, kind and tolerant. This kind of person that the rest of the martial arts world (wulin) admires and submits to. In such a chaotic time where morals are loose, what kind of benignity can he accomplish?

A prince, born into exaltedness. His martial arts (wugong) is matchless, he is proud and strong, ambitious, and said to have the “arrogance of a King”. In this ever chaotic world, how will he accomplish his dominancy?

A noble princess who is beautiful and glamorous. With an ambitious and calculating heart, how she manoeuvres her way to reign supreme in the dangerous palace harem?

A world well-known intelligent princess who is good at martial arts. How in the face of national crisis, she guards her country and people in this troubled times?

A reclusive and mysterious prince who is well loved by his people. In such troubled times, will he live in seclusion or step out?

Home and country, how to counterbalance?
Love and hate, how to define clearly?
Gratitude and revenge, how to repay?
Beauty and world, which is more important?

In this troubled times, there are many talented men. The chess game on the hilltop is between two people but to rule supreme in the world, only one person is needed!


Hello readers!!

I have decided to pick up this novel as my next translation project. Someone else has translated 5 chapters of this novel into English but it seems to have been dropped thus I’ve decided to pick it up. From what I’ve read, it looks promising. I’ve also read that this novel is pretty popular too and that it’s a happy ending! The fact that it’s a popular novel yet hasn’t been translated completely is probably because it might be quite difficult to translate, what with all the different sect names and martial arts names since it’s a wuxia novel. Furthermore, from what I hear (I’m currently listening to the vietnamese audiobook), the romance is quite slow, it’s more plot driven, then romance-driven. However, I really love the female protagonist. She’s really strong, smart and has a bit of a humorous side to her as well.

Like the World of Hidden Phoenix, I will be translating from a Vietnamese source, but I will go through the Chinese raws just to make sure the names are right. This novel has only 55 chapters but each chapter is super long so I will be uploading them in parts. There is no set release schedule. but I will try my best to translate/upload as often as I can. Hope everyone will enjoy the translations!

Also note that part 4 of Chapter 3 has not been translated and was overlooked. Thus if anyone has read the first 5 chapters already and felt a little confused, that’s the reason why. I will be translating part 4 of Ch3 and then will be picking up at Chapter 6.



I do not own any copyright to this novel, all translations are fan-based. In addition, all pictures and gifs belong to their respective owners. There is no intent to infringe on copyrights. If you’d like for me to take down any photo/gif/translations, please just fill out the contact form.




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  • CKD

    Hello PBG <3
    Greatly appreciated your time and effort but please don't abandon the translation of this novel Since most of the contents especially the thoughts of the leads could be fully enjoy from the novel version than the live action. And I do know that this novel is quite long so how about translate for us up to time when the war begins. 🙂
    with love! 🙂

    • PBG8695

      That is a very good question, that I honestly don’t have the answer too. You probably should if you can, but with the language barrier and not knowing how to reach out to the writer, I personally did not. But i do know some translators have done so.

    • PBG8695

      Technically I still am, but there no set schedule or anything, its just whenever i have free time and recently I’ve been putting my other translation a priority over this one. But i know that the drama adaptation is about to come out so I’ll prolly try and work on it more! But if anyone ever wanted to continue translating it, feel free just to let me know!

  • Anonymous

    Hi sis PBG8695, my name Febi.

    May I translate your translation into Indonesian? maybe many of my friends in my country like this kind of novel, and this story is very good. Are there certain conditions? If it is allowed I will translate and I post, otherwise I will not translate it. thank you

    • PBG8695

      Hey Febi!
      Yes you can certainly translate what I have translated so far!
      When you do, just send me a link of it and I can also post it on this page to direct Indonesian readers to your post.

  • hafsa channa

    you said that you are picking u novel love in another life my gentlee tyranat then why did you not pick it up please ranslate that i really loe that noel but it has een removed from baelnovel and the the person who recently pick it up to translater is not doing a good ob skipping the parts writng in the summary which is dstryin gits beautiful plot and you translat really wondersully so please do consider my reqauest about translating lie in another life you dont have to translate frist 40 chapters ypu cant satrt with 41 please its a request

    • PBG8695

      Yes, so I was considering picking up this novel a couple of months ago but then I noticed that it had already been picked up by someone else. But now that I look back, it seems the translator hasn’t updated in a while. If the novel gets dropped, I may consider picking it up. I’ll probably wait till September to see if it gets updated. If it doesn’t, I’d definitely think of translating it because I also love this novel too.

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