The Memory Lost in Space

Summary (spoilers included)

Tofu: Hey everyone! This is a summary I originally posted on Shushengbar. I’ve edited it and requested that it be posted here for convenience. This is a very long novel, and thus this is a very complicated summary. I’ve tried to include everything of importance, but if you find any part confusing, drop a comment and I’ll try to explain.


Setting is the far future; humans have colonized space. There is ongoing conflict between Aerdes (nation of pureblood humans) and the Odin Federation (nation of mutants). Mutants are physically superior, but there’s a huge risk of an abrupt mutation into a deadly, feral beast.

Story starts out with FL wandering in a desert with no idea where or who she is. Aerdes agents capture her, as apparently, she was trespassing. A man named Dr. Mu proposes a deal: she can avoid persecution if she agrees to be given in marriage to a duke of the Odin Federation in the place of the real princess of Aerdes, Luo Lan. Naturally, she agrees, and assumes the identity of Luo Lan. She arrives on the main Odin planet, Alikarta, and is coldly received. She ends up marrying the cold Chen Sha, one of the seven dukes and the head army commander. Their wedding is a debacle, because it’s clear he doesn’t give a crap about her. Completely alone and fearing the exposure of her identity, LL randomly meets a man, Qian Xu, and befriends him. She doesn’t tell QX she’s LL, and on the spot comes up with the name “Luo Xun.” She decides this is her real (secret) name and that “Luo Lan” is merely a facade.

Over ten years, LL settles in, making friends with some of the dukes and becoming a genetics researcher. Under QX’s tutelage, she gradually improves her physical strength and capabilities. She also falls in love with QX, and builds rapport with Chen Sha, who is slowly (SLOWLY) falling in love with her (I swear CS is the biggest rock). Through the years, she wonders who she truly was before she lost her memories.

Unrest stirs between the mutants and the humans. LL and QX resolve to run away. QX suddenly mutates and is killed; LL is devastated. Dr. Mu, the man who first struck a deal with her, is truly Ye Jie, the prince of Alikata (brother of the true LL), arrives in Odin. He doesn’t immediately expose LL, though he tries to restore her memories. This ends Vol. I.

LL discovers that QX was actually Yin Nan Zhao, the masked ruler of Odin all along, and he faked his death as QX. YNZ prevents YJ’s attempts at restoring LL’s memories. Eventually, YJ exposes LL as a fake. She’s taken in for questioning and tortured, though she’s rescued by YNZ. She’s pardoned and granted permanent residency at Odin, and fully drops the name of Luo Lan and lives as Luo Xun. She once again falls in love with YNZ and they eventually become lovers. Chen Sha finally realizes his feelings for her but it’s too late; she loves YNZ. Luo Xun learns that her previous identity was “Long Xin” (an alias), one of the key players in the anti-mutant terrorist groups, which YZJ is also a part of. A traitor begins to act in Odin, triggering first Feng Lin (a duke and LX’s best friend) and then Chen Sha’s mutation into raving beasts. Feng Lin is killed in her beast form, while Chen Sha’s beast kills the Aerdes emperor during a diplomatic event between the two nations. This results in an all-out war between the purebloods and the mutants. Thus concludes Vol. 2.

Starting off at the beginning of Vol. III, a galaxy-wide war has erupted between Aerdes and Odin, and by extension, between the entire human and mutant races. The traitor within Odin is revealed to be Chu Mo, one of the seven dukes, and his father, Chu Tian Qing. They conspired with Ye Jie to facilitate a war between the humans and mutants by causing Chen Sha’s mutation into a mindless beast. After Chen Sha’s beast kills Aerdes’ emperor, Ye Jie ascends the Aerdes throne and declares war against Odin and the mutants. Mutants, who were previously discriminated against, are now universally hated and feared by humans.

Luo Xun and Yin Nan Zhao work to find a cure to restore Chen Sha to his human form. They succeed in taming the beast, but the experimentation leaves the beast rather dumb and unintelligent. YNZ wins the war for Odin at great cost and manages to capture Ye Jie. Ye Jie is severely injured in an assassination attempt and Luo Xun, with no other choice, agrees to a surgery that will save his life, though it will turn him into a mutant. Chu Mo, Chu Tian Qing, and another duke, Zuo Qiu Bai, reveal that YNZ is a clone of the first Odin ruler (TLDR clones are also hated and reviled), ultimately usurping YNZ. YNZ flees with LX, but not before sustaining a mortal wound trying to protect her. As he dies, he restores her memories, and it’s revealed that she actually WAS Princess Luo Lan, Ye Jie’s biological cousin and adopted sister, all along. She wiped her own memories to become a sleeper agent within Odin to seek revenge for her family, who YNZ directly or indirectly caused the deaths of. Having recovered her memories of her hatred, Luo Lan abandons YNZ to his inevitable death and flees their exploding ship.
Now, the shift from Luo Xun to Luo Lan is extremely jarring. They seem like completely different people; Luo Xun is warm and kind, while Luo Lan is cold, hardened by life, and completely ruthless.

There’s a timeskip of thirty years. Luo Lan is rescued from a savage, uninhabited planet by an exploring group (her ship crashed there and she was unable to leave). She eventually travels to Qu Yun planet, where she comes across Chen Sha’s beast, now named Xiao Jiao (YNZ sent the beast there to protect him). XJ grows very attached and devoted to LL, acting as her loyal guard and beast. While protecting LL, XJ manages to restore himself to his human form, though he retains none of his memories as Chen Sha. For the next ten years, LL works to come up with medicine that will allow mutant and human genes to safely mix, because she knows Ye Jie is slowly dying from the repercussions of his surgery which turned him into a mutant. XJ, like a child, grows and develops, and falls in love with LL. She eventually returns to Aerdes at Ye Jie’s deathbed behest, bringing along XJ. She cannot save YJ in time and he dies by her side. (This part was way sadder to me than YNZ’s death was.) This marks the end of Vol. III.

Vol. IV begins with LL ascending the Aerdes throne, becoming the empress. She declares her intentions to conquer Alikarta and restore it to within the Aerdes empire. For the next several years, she prepares the nation for war. For her, XJ joins the Aerdes army. On the eve of her declaration of war, LL and XJ get drunk and have sex. XJ leaves immediately after to join the army in space. LL realizes she’s pregnant and transfers the twin fetuses to an artificial womb. She doesn’t tell XJ about their children, resolving to tell him only after the war is won. Once the children (a girl and a boy) are born, she sends them to a safe haven on Quyun planet to be raised in peace.

10 years of war pass. LL occasionally visits her children and XJ, and we see her slowly open up and show warmth to others. Thanks to XJ’s military brilliance, Aerdes is surely winning. On the cusp of what seems to be Aerdes’ complete victory, XJ deserts Aerdes and Luo Lan. It’s revealed in a major twist that Xiao Jiao has been Chen Sha all along, having regained his memories 10 years previous, right before the war began (and his and LL’s drunken night). Believing LL to have been engineering a bioweapon against mutants, he acted as a spy for Odin, crippling the Aerdes military at the most crucial moment. He returns to Odin and usurps Chu Mo, becoming the new ruler of Odin. Luo Lan grieves over his abandonment, having realized she’s come to deeply love Xiao Jiao. In one of the most emotional parts of the book, Luo Lan wonders how Chen Sha can love Luo Xun (her past identity) so deeply yet hurt Luo Lan so cruelly. Luo Lan comes to accept her past, and wholly admits she and Luo Xun are one and the same.
Furthermore, Chen Sha’s misunderstood LL all along. Chu Mo was engineering a weapon to mutate every human gene, and LL was actively researching to try and stop it. LL truly wishes for mutants and humans live peacefully and equally and for Odin and Aerdes to merge so that the two races can once again coexist. She succeeds in creating a powerful medicine which will cure sudden mutation and allow for the safe mixing of mutant and human genes. She sends her son as an envoy to convince Chen Sha to surrender the war. Having met their son, Chen Sha learns of Luo Lan’s true wish for peace and resolves to return to her.

It’s all too late. Chu Mo’s bioweapon causes Luo Lan’s tragic death, which is shown on broadcast. Chen Sha and their son, having met each other for the first time, can only watch. Chen Sha immediately cedes Odin to Aerdes; his and LL’s daughter becomes the new empress. He’s left in eternal regret, never having been able to make it up to Luo Lan for abandoning her. He now lives driven to fulfill her dream of peace, and by her last words sent to him moments before her death: “Chen Sha, you must live well.”

Flash forward to 200 years later. The galaxy is at peace; mutants and humans coexist peacefully, thanks to Luo Lan, Chen Sha, and their children’s efforts. Chen Sha is dying of old age and sickness, but still is tenaciously holding on, believing he must still fulfill LL’s dream of a better world. His children, to allow him to peacefully depart, recreate his and Luo Lan’s wedding from hundreds of years ago. Luo Lan appears as a hologram, and his children and his and Luo Lan’s friends act as witnesses. Chen Sha is finally able to tell Luo Lan, even if it is just her image, that he loves her and will always treasure her until death do them part. Chen Sha dies peacefully.

(Death already did you two part, Chen Sha. Sorry.)


  • Rachel

    I couldnt resist, read the spoilers and my feeling was right, it ends tragically.
    I am reading (by mtl) the third book and I am amazed how Tong Hua created such complex character as Luo Lan. At the moment my favorite book of this series is the first one as it is warm and inspiring reading about Luo Lan who starts from scratch with her memories wiped out, she works out to create her new life with friends while falling in love with QX. I still don’t like CS , especially now that I know he will completely betray and abandon her

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